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Kumamoto Japan, is the shaking over? No not just yet.

So far this week we have seen a swarm of earthquakes (30+ at last count) shaking the Kumamoto area of Japan,  There were three which measured 6.0 and over which would be significant for the Japanese Island.  Let take a … Continue reading

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Oh no Mr. Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In astrology there are some writers who are considered great and whose work stands as an example of excellence beyond dispute.  But sometimes even the greatest are missing a fact, thought, or explanation that leaves their work open to new … Continue reading

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Digging thru the Pages of History: The Eruption of Mt. Pelee, St. Pierre Martinique 1902

We often wonder if historical events could have been predicted by what we are proposing so we went to an event that was tragic but yet not man made…the eruption of Mt. Pelee in Martinique.  The anchoring event was the … Continue reading

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6-10-2002 More….Nigeria, please stand up….

In the 6-10-2002 Solar Eclipse we find a solar eclipse focal point over the country of Nigeria.  Also there we find Saturn, Mars, Node and Ceres. We find that Ceres is on the Mid-Haven of Nigeria.  What exactly does Ceres … Continue reading

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2002: Why Argentina defaulted on its World Debt

On Nov 14, 2002 Argentina defaulted on its national debt.  This topped a long period of time in which the economics of the country dissolved.  One would ask why it occurred.  Here’s a possible answer.  On 6-10-2002 Argentina was hit … Continue reading

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Should the US be worried about a market crash?

In 1987 the US market suffered a crash that many compared to the 1929 crash of US markets. Many are now looking for a similar crash.  It may be upon us.  Research into the Geodetics has revealed the following: In … Continue reading

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March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse and Nepal

Now as we work with events there are some that don’t always occur at the TCD point for the Eclipse but along the same lines.  Here in Nepal we have that occurred.  Kathmandu had a cluster of planets effecting it … Continue reading

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