One swallow does not a summer make, but do TWO?

I know the old adage that one Swallow does not make a summer.  But when beginning to prove a hypothesis does the presence of two suggest a possibility or just coincidence.  A few days ago I was told that there was no way to know what was going to happen in the world.  I begged to differ but to no avail.  So after FINALLY getting the software to a fairly functional point I decided to put the initial hypothesis to the test.  We could use Solar and Lunar Eclipses to foretell major events.

In the interest of randomness a recent eclipse was chosen that we knew of at least something happening.  We ran that date through the software and here is the very first try.  It shows 4 points of interest.  2 points were located over populated areas that should result in a recorded event and 2 occurred over the water/ocean with an assumption that the event could have gone unrecorded.  At this point due to lack of data that assumption can not be confirmed.  There may have been an event, maybe not.  But with the 2 land based points success occurred. And it was convincing. In the first image we see the 4 points that were created by the 4-29-14 Solar Eclipse that would be of interest to us.

4-29-14 SE TCDs

This image gave us 2 land points as noted above.  One located over the island of Japan and the other located over southern Russia.  Reviewing our notes and news we find 2 major events occurred.  One in Japan on 9/27/14 (volcanic eruption) and another in southern Russia on 7/17/14 (Crash of Malaysian Airlines Plane).  Here are the corresponding close-up of those points.

4-29-14 SE TCD- Japan4-29-14 SE TCD-Russia

Now our intention in this post was to show the results of our first step in the work.  Then to see what “triggered” the events on 7/17/14 in Russia and 9/27/14 in Japan.

Now to focus on the specific days:

7/17/2014 there was a saturn TCD located over the southern Russia region which triggered the TCD from the eclipse.  And 9/27/2014 there were a grouping of TCDs over Japan triggering the TCD from the eclipse.

7-17-14 TCD at Russian Malaysian Airlines Crash9-27-2014 Ontake Volcano Eruption in Japan

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