Should the US be worried about a market crash?

In 1987 the US market suffered a crash that many compared to the 1929 crash of US markets. Many are now looking for a similar crash.  It may be upon us.  Research into the Geodetics has revealed the following:

In 1987 there was an eclipse on 9/23/1987.  On that date the State of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria was created.  Note the location of the eclipse on that date with Venus the planet of government nearby.

9-23-1987 SE in Nigeria and US Market crash

And a few days later the US Market cash occurred.  But why?

Now as Markets are not geography it is hard to visualize like we do with the world.  BUT….a bit of effort has allowed us to demonstrate one piece of the DOWs geography.

US Dow Market Geography

I would point your attention to the black dots on the map.  Do you notice anything…like they are in the same spot as the 1987 eclipse above. Or maybe a bit more concerning …they are in the same positions as the 3-20-2015 eclipse below.

3-20-2015 African Coast


A noted Gann researcher named Haytham once said to look at the character of the eclipse for recurring events.  If we take his words to heart…we might just become worried.

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