Update: (5/23) Two earthquakes hit Oklahoma on May 21.
One was centered near Oklahoma City and Edmond. It hit seven miles south-southwest of Guthrie, nine miles north of Edmond, and 22 miles north of Oklahoma City.
It measured 3.6 and hit at a depth of 6.8 miles.
The other was centered about 12 miles south of Medford, according to the U.S. Geological Service. It measured that one at 2.7 intensity and at 3.1 miles depth.

See 5/14 Update Below


Morning all,
Yesterday a rare earthquake alert was issued for Oklahoma.  And here is why,
Over the past 2 years Oklahoma (central/Oklahoma City) has had an increase in quakes experienced and given the number of smaller shakes an increased risk of a large one occurs.  I asked myself if this was a pertinent warning and realized it was.  Two years ago I gave a lecture and at that time the quakes had just started happening.  I stated then that the quakes were not done that there would be more.  And it has continued.  In the article it is stated that OKC has more quake activity than LA in quakes until the recent activity in Mar/April which I was discussing previously in post.  OKC has been quiet but I am expecting an increase over the summer and here is why?
Oklahoma City is at 98w33, 35N28 which gives a Midhaven of 22 Sag. and an Asc of 7 Libra.  Over the past 2 years Jupiter has been traveling over Gemini/Cancer area in opposition to the Midhaven.  We also have Uranus playing its part on the Ascendant.  Two years ago these were much more aligned with Oklahoma City but are still within the orb for effect.  Jupiter went Direct in March at 10 Can which created a direct imprint for OKC along with Mars going direct in Mid May at 9 Libra which also hits the OKC Ascendant.  So the upcoming dates for those who live in the region would be May 13-17 and May 20-22, then on June 13 we will have a full moon at 22 Sag right on the OKC Midhaven with an expected effect being felt July 8-10 specifically and then thru the month of July with key dates 7/20 and 7/26.  Then the last window of opportunity for a significant quake in OKC will be late Sept.
LA quake update:  There is a possibility that the July dates for OKC could also correspond with LA events as well but occurring early to Mid September then OKC in the latter part.
SF quake update:  SF has been amazingly quiet and that raises a suspicion that it is holding until later in the year for activity but there is a small window in Mid to Late Aug and also Early September for events to show in SF else it will be December January for those events to become active in SF.
Historical correlation:  The increased activity began in 1978 as Neptune (at Sag) and Uranus passed over the MH position of OKC along with the 3 transits of Jupiter over the Gen/Cancer area (12*3=36, 1978 +36= 2014).  The activity will likely die out over the next few years until Neptune reaches the Asc area in the next 10-20 years but 2017 could be a critical year as Saturn goes Direct literally on the OKC MH and Jupiter sits on the ASC area.  we will have to watch that.  I believe OKC will dodge the bullet this year but 2017 would be a year of great interest in regards to earthquakes in LA, SF and OKC.
5/14/2014 Update:
Our Timer 1 has struck the ASC point of the quake zone and activity has increased to 4 quakes within the past 24 hours when less than 1 per day is average.  All are 3.0+ but none over 4.0.  This suggest the point is active and our dates of 5/13-17 are playing out.  Checking with the USGS shows that there is a very central cluster of quakes happening right at our anticipated coordinates. Further research has shown that in 11/6/2011 Oklahoma had its biggest quake when (6/15/2011 LE 23 Sag/Saturn 10 Lib) creating the axis for the events.  Multiple aspects between the pairing)
oklahoma quakes 5 14
A quick view of the attached quake map shows the concentration of new quakes in central Okla.
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