Natural Disasters Astronomy…How it works

The Earth is an electromagnetic object with fields that create currents and pathways through the Earth.  This work is based on those fields.  In our posts, we will explore current world geopolitical events, natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Storms and other events that reach our attention.  If there is an event you would like studied…please contact us.

The work is based on Geodetic Equivalents and utilizes planetary gravitational fields to help localize magnetic imbalances in the earths crust to which Man and the Earth itself responds. A process of calculating these points is based upon the application of Spherical Harmonics and the mathematics of the sphere.  As the work has progressed it has been able to incorporate the  Geodetic positions of Longitude, Latitude, and Horizon to determine where the planetary effects of our solar system will impact on Earth.

How do you see these effects?  When you are born an electromagnetic pattern is created within your physical and electrical field that stays with you for life.  Depending upon where you live, you will see different parts of this pattern revealed.  Not all the pattern is apparent at every location.  If you lived where you were born you would likely see the pattern that was planned.  But if you move there are parts of the pattern that are hidden, revealed, limited or strengthened depending on where you are on the Earth.

Many in the Astrological field utilize this pattern event to plan where they will spend their birthdays (Solar return), where they will find love and where they will prosper.  And that can be important.  ASH (Applied Spherical Harmonics) will do that but also tell you who you are at a specific location.  Have you ever lived somewhere that you just didn’t like who you were or what you were going through?  Then when you moved you finally felt at peace.  This is due to the influencing of the pattern that you were born with.  Many times when we move we are at a point where elements of behavior and actions that are not in the “natal pattern” show that can create differences in behavior and experiences.  The goal of ASH is to show you the “natal pattern” and then help bring out those elements that are desired, or at least reveal them and let you know the answer to a simple question…Who am I, and Who am I here?. 


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