Hillary’s Email Saga

Over a year ago I posted Hillary Clintons ASH chart interpretation and stated that the email would be an issue and it continues to be so.  I was curious to see what was playing out on the day the re-activation of the email investigation occurred so I did its ASH.  Here are the results:

Hillary Clinton Email scandal reopened: October 28,2016
Players:    Asc= Hillary    MidHaven- James Comey/ FBI are players

TCD for Washington DC on 10/28/2016 was only the Node which brings disagreements  and it was on the Asc revealing disharmonious conduct within one’s personal environment.

Actors on the Ascendant which tie to Hillary Clinton in the events:

  • Neptune added its energy bringing weakening and termination of associations or unions caused by lies and deceitfulness
  • Uranus giving the suddenness of the revelations. Mercury indicated it would be the sharing of research/investigations with others.
  • Venus with Neptune created the difficult realization of ideas and wishes, an awakening from emotional infatuation with the awareness of disappointment or disillusionment.  Uranus with Mars gave a tendency for giving way to despair, perversions misdirected energy.
  • Moon indicated a disappointed woman and a renouncing of events and the position of all these affecting the ascendant showed it was a lack of good taste.

Actors on the MidHaven which tie to James Comey in the events:

Mars and Jupiter are the only influence on the Midhaven and these show a fortunate decision, successful enterprise, resolutions, discussions, settlement of conflicts, stage of clearing the air.  They give the will power directed harmoniously, sense of honor, urge for freedom with the Mid haven position making it a favorable arrangement.

Environment of Events show that there is major tension as most would understand.  The ability to cope, pull thru and endure is present.  But with provocative conduct, a quarrel, separation, use of force, limitation of freedom with the node giving an inability to integrate the community

Comments: So yes the decision by Comey to reveal the reopening of the email investigation will upend Hillary’s campaign but it was not done as a partisan event but as one to resolve previous events and actions and out of a sense of honor.  The environment suggest this will be a dividing issue but the final outcome will be one of a limitation of freedom and quite a period of fighting in Washington DC.  Will Hillary make it?  Don’t think so based on the ASH picture for November 8, 2016 where all indications are that Hillary will loose overwhelmingly.  Hillary’s personal chart shows that she is acting true to form in trying to hide her actions.  Maybe it is best to admit a wrong when it is revealed than to  try and get out of it.  At least that is what I tell my kids.  Maybe fate is trying to teach Hillary that.  Lets hope she hears it. 

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