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A Life of Faith and Service. To All Vets, Thank You.

My Grandfather on the wing of a plane in England in WWII before D-Day giving a prayer to the aviators before they take off. He was on the lines in Belgium when events were unfolding. His Captain told him to … Continue reading

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Oklahmoma quake update

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Man Made FLoods in the Balkans Update on the Balkans:  Now we have the church trying to say man made the events just as they are saying man made Global Warming (now Climate Change as the Earth didn’t warm, and … Continue reading

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A Look back at Bretton Woods/Gold Standard Events

In todays world of currency manipulations called support by the central banks of many countries, we would be wise to learn as much as possible of the origin of todays currency structure and how the initial plan has been broken, … Continue reading

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News from the Moon: Indonesia and Politics

One more tidbit from the desk…In relation to the current NM/FM we are also looking at some events in Indonesia specifically political in nature.  Saturn is playing a supportive role and Uranus is dabbling in there as well so a … Continue reading

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Updated: News from the Moon: Pirates in the Glass

We have been evaluating Eclipses in the past few post and have targets of events until October of 2014.  But for fun lets look at the lower time frames of the month.  Using the Full Moon and New Moon of … Continue reading

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Washington, its Houston, we have a problem

Ok so we have been talking retrospective events with a few projections.  Here is another that will contain some levity but could be Earth shaking for Washington, DC.  As those in the South know, currently there is little love lost … Continue reading

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