2002: Why Argentina defaulted on its World Debt

On Nov 14, 2002 Argentina defaulted on its national debt.  This topped a long period of time in which the economics of the country dissolved.  One would ask why it occurred.  Here’s a possible answer.  On 6-10-2002 Argentina was hit 4 times by the Solar Eclipse.

6-10-2002 Argentina debt default

Each of these points was the same energy hitting the country again and again and again.  No wonder it weakened.

What do two of these points mean:

Public, loss/depression, political socialism corresponding to trade/commerce/constriction/world effect.  Also another point: Masses/contracts/world/explosion/death or constriction. 

To name just two of the 4.

The trigger: a retrograde Venus which would indicate a rouge government.

Sounds good to me. 

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