Spain Beware of earthquake

Over the past few months I have warned that there could be a significant quake in the Spain area.  I would issue the warning again.  11/29/2016 sees another strong hit to the gravity of the area.  The longitude line would be at 18W although the latitude might be different (24 N) but it is still likely the event will be seen in the 38N area.

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Hillary’s Email Saga

Over a year ago I posted Hillary Clintons ASH chart interpretation and stated that the email would be an issue and it continues to be so.  I was curious to see what was playing out on the day the re-activation of the email investigation occurred so I did its ASH.  Here are the results:

Hillary Clinton Email scandal reopened: October 28,2016
Players:    Asc= Hillary    MidHaven- James Comey/ FBI are players

TCD for Washington DC on 10/28/2016 was only the Node which brings disagreements  and it was on the Asc revealing disharmonious conduct within one’s personal environment.

Actors on the Ascendant which tie to Hillary Clinton in the events:

  • Neptune added its energy bringing weakening and termination of associations or unions caused by lies and deceitfulness
  • Uranus giving the suddenness of the revelations. Mercury indicated it would be the sharing of research/investigations with others.
  • Venus with Neptune created the difficult realization of ideas and wishes, an awakening from emotional infatuation with the awareness of disappointment or disillusionment.  Uranus with Mars gave a tendency for giving way to despair, perversions misdirected energy.
  • Moon indicated a disappointed woman and a renouncing of events and the position of all these affecting the ascendant showed it was a lack of good taste.

Actors on the MidHaven which tie to James Comey in the events:

Mars and Jupiter are the only influence on the Midhaven and these show a fortunate decision, successful enterprise, resolutions, discussions, settlement of conflicts, stage of clearing the air.  They give the will power directed harmoniously, sense of honor, urge for freedom with the Mid haven position making it a favorable arrangement.

Environment of Events show that there is major tension as most would understand.  The ability to cope, pull thru and endure is present.  But with provocative conduct, a quarrel, separation, use of force, limitation of freedom with the node giving an inability to integrate the community

Comments: So yes the decision by Comey to reveal the reopening of the email investigation will upend Hillary’s campaign but it was not done as a partisan event but as one to resolve previous events and actions and out of a sense of honor.  The environment suggest this will be a dividing issue but the final outcome will be one of a limitation of freedom and quite a period of fighting in Washington DC.  Will Hillary make it?  Don’t think so based on the ASH picture for November 8, 2016 where all indications are that Hillary will loose overwhelmingly.  Hillary’s personal chart shows that she is acting true to form in trying to hide her actions.  Maybe it is best to admit a wrong when it is revealed than to  try and get out of it.  At least that is what I tell my kids.  Maybe fate is trying to teach Hillary that.  Lets hope she hears it. 

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ASH Interpretation of US Elections on Nov 8,2016 in Washington DC

ASH interpretation for US Elections on November 8, 2016

Key factors for Washington DC:

TCDS (Total and Complete Destruction elements)

Moon MH represents the female principle,

Venus MH government and beauty

Uranus Asc changes and instability

Node Asc personal relationships

MH TCDS  The planets positioned on the MH represent that energy that is “attacking” Washington D.C. And the descriptions of the two TCDs that are on the MH at the time of the election define who Donald Trump is.

Moon is the female principal, soul, one’s own soul. Soul of US people

+ Motherliness, domesticity, changeableness. adaptation

-Repressed motherliness, love of comfort, carefree attitude,

+easygoing nature, moodiness, readiness to help others, love of independence

Wealth of ideas, concern for others troubles, abundant hopes wishes

Venus love, art, government

+ Physical attraction, sense of harmony, positive outlook, attitude

-Sexual aberration, sentimental, a want of taste, heedless, nice

Sag: Power to wish, idealistic motives, hypersensitiveness

Moon/Venus/MH: Defines a heart filled with love, state of becoming creator, Devotion

ASC TCDs The planets positions on the MH represent that energy that is Washington DC and define Hillary Clinton.

Uranus Asc: A quick response to the influence of the environment.

+ Unstable, quickly responding individual, inventive

– Excitable, inconsistency, irritability, the tendency to cause disquiet or unrest in people.

Aries: Outburst of energy-ambition, restlessness, fanatical fight for ideals, strive for reforms, Stubbornness

Uranus Node Asc: seeking change with others, Association dictated by common interest, bring about of sudden change with others

Node on Asc: Personal relationships

+ harmonious, social consciousness

– anti-social outlook

+ Profitable team-work, sharing of interest

– Estrangements, separations,

Node Uranus Asc: desire for company, sudden experiences

Planets on Asc affecting Hillary

Uranus/Neptune/Asc: state of being depressed, sad together with others

Uranus/Neptune/Node on Asc: joint or shared bearing of suffering or grief, loss/death of a female, (violence) act on dictates of emotional inhibition

Moon/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter on ASC: fit of depression, lack of courage, a person who advancement

in life takes place with great difficulty, mourning, bereavement, the ability to destroy or eliminate something completely, A very quick dissolution of body, easy death.

Saturn/Neptune on Asc: suffering, renunciation, distrust, insecurity, an emotionally depressing environment, limitation of freedom, emotional suffering

With Node suggesting a hospital confinement

Neptune/Pluto/Asc: a grievous loss, being placed in a peculiar environment.

Planets on MH affecting Donald

Venus, Mars, Saturn on MH: Coldness of feeling and frigidity, absence of feeling, loveless

Mars/Saturn/MH: Mourning and bereavement (death)

Mars, Saturn, Pluto on MH: Brutality, the wage of fury of destruction, intervening of Higher

Power, bodily injury or harm Charm, the death of a great many people.

Node/Saturn MH: Isolation, inhibition in unions or associations, mourning or


Sun/Merc/MH: Ego conscious thinking, tendency to develop one’s own mental

concepts, businessman, ability to stand one’s own convictions, businessman

General Environment of Washington DC affecting the events:

Uranus/Neptune/Node: loss of one’s inner balance, joint or shared suffering

Moon/Saturn: + Self-control, sense of duty / care, conscientiousness

-exposed by indiscreet action, fear of being compromised.

With Mars giving an illness or separation of women.

Sun/Moon: Vitality of feeling, spirit and soul

+ inner balance

– struggle between duty and self-interest.

+ having to do with public life, making of contacts

-Disharmony between parents / partners, inner tensions

Mars: bring to fruition ideals, realization of joint objectives.

Final Comments and Interpretations:   Some food for thought about the elections: Donald is going to win and Hillary may get very sick due to the loss. The US People that Donald represent are approaching the election with a devotion to the US but without mercy for Washington DC. I don’t think anyone will get assassinated but the loss of a great number of people likely represents those who are going to lose their election runs. From what I see, this is going to be a very powerful election with lots of grief and loss.

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October 2016 Expected events…

The lunations that are occurring this month will have an impact that is somewhat increased due to the presence of Jupiter and Uranus and Neptune within the scope of the celestial events.  Thankfully they are not all within the same one.  But this will lead to a variety of event types and some strong ones will occur.

A.  The north side of the North Island of New Zealand again comes within view as another strong quake could occur as the subduction zone comes under stress from the 10/30/16 new moon.

B. The south side of the South Island of New Zealand also is going to come under pressure in the 10/1 and 10/16 lunar events.  I expect at least a 5.0 quake from both areas.

C. The Syria, Cyprus, S. Turkey area is under extreme stress from the 10/30 new moon with a date of 11/22 for the events expected as the Sun hits a sensitive degree for the AT-AF plate structure.

D. Greece is also coming into focus with the October lunation’s and it is possible to see either a strong “eruptive” type of earthquake or some other “eruptive type” event.  The end of October is our expected focus date.

E. The southern Alaska coast has a dual focus of events for October with a possible eruption of a volcano located in the central Aleutian Island chain and a 5.0-6.0 earthquake in the Valdez/Chugach Mountain range area. 

F. Northern Turkey/Black Sea area could see some unexpected shifting with a mild earthquake or event.

These are the “Earth” events that are expected.  One could also expect man-made events that tie to these areas as well due to the amount of energy that is going to be focused into each area. 

Beware and Be Safe…

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Hurricane Alert!

The series of eclipses occurring in August and September are going to focus events into the Western African coast and mid-Atlantic area.  This is known as the breeding area for Atlantic storms.  The mid-September time frame is the most likely timing point with a strike to the Leeward Islands and likely into the N. Coast of South America.  This will not be a small storm.  And could represent the first landfall hurricane for the US in the past decade. 

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On the Horizon….upcoming expected events

Using our knowledge of tectonic plates and gravity we have built a picture of the next 6-8 months of time.  These are the major events that we will be watching for.  This is not totally inclusive but the starting point for presenting our geodetics work. 

SO WHATS COMING UP? (Primary Events are capital letters, Secondary are numbers,Tertiary are lower case letters.  These will require additional events/confirmation for events to occur. )

A. An Icelandic Volcano could give air travel another go at delays and issues as it releases the pressure that is playing out over the next 6-8 months.

Update:  Iceland’s Katla volcano hit by unusually large earthquakes news-  8/29

B. Eastern Caribbean – Leeward Islands – North Coast of South America earthquake.

Update: Hurricane Matthew on course for the Caribbean Islands  9/29

C. Activity in the Sea Mount area off the NW area of Pacific Coast in the Washington/Oregon/Canada (BC) area.  It could occur inland in the St. Helens area.

D. Solomon Islands N of the Australia East Coast

E. Taiwan/N Philippine Islands


1. New Zealand: between the N and S Main Islands.


a. S. Coast of Spain (9/1 or Mid-Sept- 9/18 ) event with possible tsunami

b. Caribbean (B) area triggered (9/18)

c. Solomon Islands (C) triggered(9/16-18)

d. Hawaii Islands terror attack (Mid September)

e. N Africa terror attack (Mid September)


Aug-Sept 2016 Tectonic Points

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WD Gann’s Divisions of the Year and Tectonic Plates

The Earth breathes!  I have been working on the tectonic plates and Geodetics for years now and by accepting the fact that man responds to events in the plates we can answer many odd events. I always try to correlate the work I am doing to what Gann taught.  Here is one such topic.  In the Commodities course he instructs you to divide the year into 8ths/16ths and that these dates become important for change in trend events.  Why would that be so???? Here is the answer according to the very earth we live on.

1.  Each of the plates have sensitive dates that tie to the Suns motion around the Earth each year.

2.  When a sensitive date is present and being supported by other celestial events we will likely see a strong change in trend. 

3. In the US markets and Europe we find events that tie to events on 4 different plates (Actually more but would require more explanation).  So if we look to the sensitive points on the plates what dates do we find?  Gann’s divisions of the year as shown around the edge in the Master Time and Price Chart in the Commodities course and other points in his courses and books.




















































This finding helped to confirm the calculations I had developed for the plates and the related sensitive degrees. In Gann’s time they did not have the tectonic plate theory and yet by astute observation and application he was able to identify these points.  With this understanding and by utilizing other points of the Plates, we can determine both the likelihood of events and their likely strength.  This is why I don’t recommend using future celestial events to answer for current events….you would miss the truth and never figure this out. 


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