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In astrology there are some writers who are considered great and whose work stands as an example of excellence beyond dispute.  But sometimes even the greatest are missing a fact, thought, or explanation that leaves their work open to new interpretations and discussion.  Such is the topic of todays writings.  In Bill Meridian’s new book, The Predictive Power of the Eclipse Paths, we find one such point that is weak and yet by using the new Applied Spherical Harmonics (ASH) technique it becomes completely resolved. 

Can Eclipses in the future be used to justify events in the past?  On page 13 of the book, we find Johndro’s example of a future eclipse being influential in a past event.  The event was a plane crash which occurred Aug 31, 1940 in Lovettsville, Va.  The crash occurred due to a storm which had intense lightening and a torrential downfall/rainfall.  The plane was struck by lightening but the accident report focuses on the torrential rainfall as the key reason that the plane crashed.  The rainfall was noted as “abnormal in intensity” for the area.

In Johndro’s evaluation of the events the Oct 1, 1940 Solar Eclipse was noted as being more linked to events than the April 7, 1940 eclipse even though the Oct 1 eclipse had not yet occurred.  This is an error in thinking in my view and becomes apparent when evaluating the events via the ASH system.  When we utilize the ASH system we find a perfect explanation of the events using the April 7 eclipse.  First a few facts:

Lovettsville, VA: Latitude is 39.27, Longitude is -77.63 w which gives a geodetic positioning of 282.37 for the Mid-Heaven and an Ascendant of 22 Aries.  The April 7, 1940 eclipse occurred at 17 Aries 52 within 4 degrees of the Ascendant for Lovettsville and directly tied to the location. 

Lovetteville Plane crash 8 31 1940

The October 1, 1940 eclipse was at 8 Lib 11 and a significant distance from the Ascendant as seen in the picture below.  The only direct influence on the lines which represent the angles in the chart are Jupiter/Saturn conjunct the Anchor point of Lovettesville.

Lovetteville Plane crash 10 1 1940

So given the closeness of the April 7, 1940 eclipse to the Ascendant of Lovettsville we will consider this as pertinent for the locale and continue with this eclipse.  Continuing to evaluate the eclipse shows that there is a Jupiter/Node conjunction at the ascendant at 20 Aries. Ceres is in a near conjunct type aspect to the ascendant as well.  Ceres is frequently involved in “disaster” events.  Under the best circumstances, a Jupiter/Node interaction with the ascendant gives a harmonious relationship to the environment but the presence of Ceres gives the negative side which creates a disharmony to the environment.  Further evaluation of the eclipse date shows that Uranus is at the locale via a Declination Harmonic which suggest technology/aircraft as a component of events. 

So from the above we can glean two facts: the relationship of the environment to the event is key and “technology/aircraft” is involved.  As we are considering the environment lets look to the rules for weather and the events that triggered the event.  When we consider the storms rainfall and lightening we find that the presence of Mars can focus the lightening with the Sun intensifying the lightening, and that abnormal torrential downfall is a feature of Jupiter/Saturn interaction.  Drawing the chart for the time of the crash (2:41 pm) and the date (8/31/1940) we find the following:

A just passed Sun/Mars conjunction is at a conjunction point to the Ascendant of Lovettsville and the eclipse position of Ceres which was a factor in the strong lightening, Jupiter and Saturn are at a near conjunction with the locale and with the eclipse position of Uranus thru a Declination Harmonic bringing the abnormal rainfall.  At the time of the crash Uranus is in the Mid-Haven position bringing the aircraft into the field of events.  Lastly, the moon is at the locale as well via a Declination Harmonic and has just squared Jupiter and Saturn activating the “rainfall” component. 

By the utilization of Declination Harmonics and geodetics the true event picture is seen and matches perfectly the events that occurred on August 31, 1940. This removes the need to seek out a future eclipse to solve a present event.  So if one event could be answered using the ASH system and removing the need to reach for future astrological events how many others that are used as the empirical evidence of the need to do so can be relegated to a need to consider a different point in the evaluation. 

In astrology’s current work the MH and Asc are utilized.  But the Harmonics of Declination are required as well.  That is the fact missing from all astrological research but so sorely needed to prevent an erroneous analysis. Therefore Astrology needs to consider the triangulation created by the inclusion of Declination and its harmonics. This 3 point feature of triangulation is the very basis for the development of the Applied Spherical Harmonics system (ASH).

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