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Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Everyone is waiting for the big one out of the Pacific Northwest.  The area has been quiet for over 310 years and its average “meta-thrust earthquake” timing is 247 years.  Therefore the area is overdue for a major release between … Continue reading

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Uranus Neptune conjunction playing out….

Today we had events occurring in Greece with the EU bailout issues, China with the markets collapsing and US with trading halted and United Airlines grounding their fleet due to technical issues.  Amazing what this pair can get up to….. … Continue reading

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Weeks Weather ahead: July 7 to 15 2015

The weather is going to be a mix of gentle rain and temperate weather in the Northwest to Rockies but strong storms once you pass over the continental divide.  We are looking at the continued Neptune Uranus conjunction creating possible … Continue reading

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July 4th 2015 Weather outlook-

The overall outlook for the US is clear in the Western States with a front forming in the Northwest.  There is a possibility for thunderstorms in the plains and east coast in the afternoons after some fairly hot days.  I … Continue reading

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