Kumamoto Japan, is the shaking over? No not just yet.

So far this week we have seen a swarm of earthquakes (30+ at last count) shaking the Kumamoto area of Japan,  There were three which measured 6.0 and over which would be significant for the Japanese Island.  Let take a look at the area and try to locate the cause.  Kumamoto is 32.782N, 130.726e which gives a MH of 10.726 Leo and an Ascendant of 4.28 Scorpio and an Anchor of 24 Aries. 

In evaluating earthquakes the Mid-Heaven is only one part of the equation.  Our research has shown a need for considering two other points that are directly effected by or part of the tectonic plates movements.  One point is known as the Rotation point (RP) for the plates and the other is a point identified in our research that is called the “Focus Point” (FP).

Japan 4 16 Earthquake swarm Tectonics   Japan 4 16 Earthquake swarm

On 3/9/2016 there was a Solar Eclipse at  18 Pisces 56 which directly influenced the tectonic plates in the Kumamoto area.  The Okinawa-Philippine Sea (ON-PS) plate was directly effected by the Solar Eclipse and a Focus Point was created at 31.2N, 130.6e which is near exact to the location of Kumamoto.  This would warn one that the eclipse created significant stored energy at that point that would need to be released.  Further on 4/7/2016 a New Moon occurred at 18 Aries 04 which put additional strain into the Kumamoto area via the Amur-Philippine Sea (AM-PS) plates and an additional focus point at 29.1N, 127.0e.  These two events pressurized the plates and created a strong focus area in the Kumamoto area. The current release is likely to be found to be along the Continental Rift boundary (CRB) and not the subduction zone to the east.

ASH Japan 4-14-16

The final straw was the first phase of the moon on 4/14/2016 which acted as a trigger to the beginning of the events.  Looking at the ASH Chart above note the Sun/Moon were positioned at 24.6 Aries at a declination of 9.5.  This was exactly at the Anchor point for Kumamoto as noted above.  This was the initial trigger for the events that allowed the unleashing of the energy stored by the Solar eclipse and new moons addressed above. 

Further, Kumamoto was being pressured by Jupiter and Moon on its MH, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Ceres, Pallas on its Anchor point as well as the Sun/Moon being there as well.  In this way the square between the Moon and Sun started the recent events and subsequent transits of the Moon to other planets have continued the events.  The Sun was also affecting the Ascendant of Kumamoto as well. 

The question then arises of when will it be over.  Jupiter is currently stationary and affecting the Kumamoto area as it prepares to turn direct in its motion.  This will lend considerable pressure to the area and events will be seen when the moon joins in its effects over the next two months. Also Uranus and Neptune are still pressuring the area so some continued events from those planets can be expected.  But one should plan on a September increase in events again as we see a Solar Eclipse on 9/1/2016 at 9 Virgo 21 which will affect the Amur-Okinawa (AM-ON) plate and create a focus point at 31.6N, 133.8e again within the Kumamoto area.  This event will likely trigger motion in the Subduction zone east of the Japanese Island and could create a possible tsunami which could be significant in nature.  Further plates affected are the AM-PS plate which is joined by Uranus. 

So a warning of some continued aftershocks and additional significant quakes in the area as the Solar Eclipse of September and the Full Moon in October create stress to the tectonic plates.

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