ASH Interpretation of US Elections on Nov 8,2016 in Washington DC

ASH interpretation for US Elections on November 8, 2016

Key factors for Washington DC:

TCDS (Total and Complete Destruction elements)

Moon MH represents the female principle,

Venus MH government and beauty

Uranus Asc changes and instability

Node Asc personal relationships

MH TCDS  The planets positioned on the MH represent that energy that is “attacking” Washington D.C. And the descriptions of the two TCDs that are on the MH at the time of the election define who Donald Trump is.

Moon is the female principal, soul, one’s own soul. Soul of US people

+ Motherliness, domesticity, changeableness. adaptation

-Repressed motherliness, love of comfort, carefree attitude,

+easygoing nature, moodiness, readiness to help others, love of independence

Wealth of ideas, concern for others troubles, abundant hopes wishes

Venus love, art, government

+ Physical attraction, sense of harmony, positive outlook, attitude

-Sexual aberration, sentimental, a want of taste, heedless, nice

Sag: Power to wish, idealistic motives, hypersensitiveness

Moon/Venus/MH: Defines a heart filled with love, state of becoming creator, Devotion

ASC TCDs The planets positions on the MH represent that energy that is Washington DC and define Hillary Clinton.

Uranus Asc: A quick response to the influence of the environment.

+ Unstable, quickly responding individual, inventive

– Excitable, inconsistency, irritability, the tendency to cause disquiet or unrest in people.

Aries: Outburst of energy-ambition, restlessness, fanatical fight for ideals, strive for reforms, Stubbornness

Uranus Node Asc: seeking change with others, Association dictated by common interest, bring about of sudden change with others

Node on Asc: Personal relationships

+ harmonious, social consciousness

– anti-social outlook

+ Profitable team-work, sharing of interest

– Estrangements, separations,

Node Uranus Asc: desire for company, sudden experiences

Planets on Asc affecting Hillary

Uranus/Neptune/Asc: state of being depressed, sad together with others

Uranus/Neptune/Node on Asc: joint or shared bearing of suffering or grief, loss/death of a female, (violence) act on dictates of emotional inhibition

Moon/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter on ASC: fit of depression, lack of courage, a person who advancement

in life takes place with great difficulty, mourning, bereavement, the ability to destroy or eliminate something completely, A very quick dissolution of body, easy death.

Saturn/Neptune on Asc: suffering, renunciation, distrust, insecurity, an emotionally depressing environment, limitation of freedom, emotional suffering

With Node suggesting a hospital confinement

Neptune/Pluto/Asc: a grievous loss, being placed in a peculiar environment.

Planets on MH affecting Donald

Venus, Mars, Saturn on MH: Coldness of feeling and frigidity, absence of feeling, loveless

Mars/Saturn/MH: Mourning and bereavement (death)

Mars, Saturn, Pluto on MH: Brutality, the wage of fury of destruction, intervening of Higher

Power, bodily injury or harm Charm, the death of a great many people.

Node/Saturn MH: Isolation, inhibition in unions or associations, mourning or


Sun/Merc/MH: Ego conscious thinking, tendency to develop one’s own mental

concepts, businessman, ability to stand one’s own convictions, businessman

General Environment of Washington DC affecting the events:

Uranus/Neptune/Node: loss of one’s inner balance, joint or shared suffering

Moon/Saturn: + Self-control, sense of duty / care, conscientiousness

-exposed by indiscreet action, fear of being compromised.

With Mars giving an illness or separation of women.

Sun/Moon: Vitality of feeling, spirit and soul

+ inner balance

– struggle between duty and self-interest.

+ having to do with public life, making of contacts

-Disharmony between parents / partners, inner tensions

Mars: bring to fruition ideals, realization of joint objectives.

Final Comments and Interpretations:   Some food for thought about the elections: Donald is going to win and Hillary may get very sick due to the loss. The US People that Donald represent are approaching the election with a devotion to the US but without mercy for Washington DC. I don’t think anyone will get assassinated but the loss of a great number of people likely represents those who are going to lose their election runs. From what I see, this is going to be a very powerful election with lots of grief and loss.

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