Digging thru the Pages of History: The Eruption of Mt. Pelee, St. Pierre Martinique 1902

We often wonder if historical events could have been predicted by what we are proposing so we went to an event that was tragic but yet not man made…the eruption of Mt. Pelee in Martinique.  The anchoring event was the Lunar Eclipse of 10/27/1901 where the moon was on the mid-haven of Martinique.  Its impact was reinforced by the Solar Eclipse foci to its east in the Atlantic ocean (Gold/Purple circle) and the Node and Sun on the same line. 

1901-10-27 Lunar Eclipse Martinique

The events began in February of 1902 and culminated in a devastating eruption on 5/8/1902 at 7:50 am in which 30,000 inhabitants were killed.  One of the main reasons the death toll was so high is that those in authority, governor and scientist on the island, repeatedly stated all would be safe and the people were actually physically prevented from leaving the area by the troops the Governor brought in prior to the eruption.  This was a major cause of the death toll and is visible in the actual triggering event on 4/24/1902.  Observation shows Venus in the upper section of the 298 degree mid-haven of Martinique where Ceres was located.  Remember I have prior post that state that Ceres is a major cause of natural disasters and that Venus in an eclipse results in governmental mismanagement. Both these statements have become evident the more disasters that are researched.  And this one is no different.  Ceres at the beginning of events is at 298 and at the finish of the events is at 297 degrees.  Right on top of it all.

1902 - 4-24 St Pierre Volcano begins erupting  5-8-1902 Mt Pele Erupts killing people St Pierre

The picture on the right shows the alignments at the time of the Eruption of Mt Pelee.  Imagine having 7 planets sitting on the ascendant with the natural disaster creator, Ceres, on the Mid Haven.  There is little doubt that all played their part in the events.  Note that Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and Node are present with a TCD of Ceres to the left of the stack.  The TCD of Ceres confirmed the level of destruction that was seen. 

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