March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse and Nepal

Now as we work with events there are some that don’t always occur at the TCD point for the Eclipse but along the same lines.  Here in Nepal we have that occurred.  Kathmandu had a cluster of planets effecting it at this eclipse yet none were directly the Sun or Moon.  But given this extreme cluster of planets one could realistically expect events to occur. 

3-20-2015 Solar Eclipse and Nepal

There is also a factor of the Eclipse being at the cardinal of Aries/Libra and the MH of Nepal at the Cardinal of Cancer/Capricorn that makes the events have a broad impact.  As you approach the cardinals the amount of movement of degree of MH to the Ascendant decreases significantly so the orb of a degree increases the actual span of geographical location that can be effected.  I would suggest a study of the Table of Houses for those that do not grasp what I am implying.

Now as for the trigger….on 4/24/2015 we had the Sun hitting Pallas’s declination on the Eclipse day.  This suggest what I have often thought ….that Pallas and Ceres play a greater part in world events than most would realize.

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