February 2017 Eclipses

The eclipses which occurred in February of 2017 are already being felt by many.  From a young man shooting himself in the foot when the eclipse hit his mid-haven to Gales in England.  The configuration is powerful for a very precise reason.  Not only the eclipse but also a Mars/Uranus conjunction is directly tied to the Solar eclipse on February 26th, 2017. 

Areas of the Globe under warning from the Solar eclipse:

1. Iceland Volcano’s could begin talking again although no major eruptions are expected at this time. 

2. Gales in the UK/Denmark are expected and already occurring under the influence of the Solar Eclipse.  As this is written Brittan is under storm warning for extreme cold, snow and gale force winds.  Doris is the latest gale to occur and the timing issues suggest that there might also be gales experienced later this year than normal and could occur into mid-April.

3. Libyan cities of Benghazi, Al-Bayda, and Darna are under the gun for possible terrorist strikes or an overthrow of whatever is passing for government in the country at present.  The results will be from within the country with a strong divide showing up with a wicked force.  This will likely be a major test of the new US President and the worlds reaction to additional migration from these events.

4. Solomon Islands are the possible site for a very powerful volcanic eruption that could create a significant loss of the social fabric of the area.  The force that is focused there will not likely be an earthquake as the mechanics are not quite right but are perfect for a volcano. 

5. Central Africa could see the onset of another form of illness/plague.  I am hopeful that it is not Ebola but all should beware of the possibility of it occurring.  Kumbai region is the focal point. 

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