October 2016 Expected events…

The lunations that are occurring this month will have an impact that is somewhat increased due to the presence of Jupiter and Uranus and Neptune within the scope of the celestial events.  Thankfully they are not all within the same one.  But this will lead to a variety of event types and some strong ones will occur.

A.  The north side of the North Island of New Zealand again comes within view as another strong quake could occur as the subduction zone comes under stress from the 10/30/16 new moon.

B. The south side of the South Island of New Zealand also is going to come under pressure in the 10/1 and 10/16 lunar events.  I expect at least a 5.0 quake from both areas.

C. The Syria, Cyprus, S. Turkey area is under extreme stress from the 10/30 new moon with a date of 11/22 for the events expected as the Sun hits a sensitive degree for the AT-AF plate structure.

D. Greece is also coming into focus with the October lunation’s and it is possible to see either a strong “eruptive” type of earthquake or some other “eruptive type” event.  The end of October is our expected focus date.

E. The southern Alaska coast has a dual focus of events for October with a possible eruption of a volcano located in the central Aleutian Island chain and a 5.0-6.0 earthquake in the Valdez/Chugach Mountain range area. 

F. Northern Turkey/Black Sea area could see some unexpected shifting with a mild earthquake or event.

These are the “Earth” events that are expected.  One could also expect man-made events that tie to these areas as well due to the amount of energy that is going to be focused into each area. 

Beware and Be Safe…

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