This is my blog.  Who am I?  I am a true Gemini who loves learning.   I am Dr Lorrie Bennett, a semi-retired Chiropractic Physician and Alternative Medicine specialist.  I am also a mother, a lover of numbers, a writer and researcher.  And as all know, the most important part about research is getting it into the view of the world.  And it is my hope that this blog will help me bring to light the research that reveals that by utilizing astronomy/astrology we can can show events that are portended for our selves and the world.

As a true Gemini who enjoys learning.  I have spent the past decade studying the topic of Geodetics and their application to World events.  In the process of that study, the system called Applied Spherical Harmonics or ASH has been developed.  It  is a blending of the elements of the ancient Kabala with todays quantum physics and advanced mathematics.  This system allows for the evaluation of behavior, expected life events and those elements of our nature that are supported by the place where we live.  ASH also encompasses the natural events of our world and the events created by mankind.

If you are interested in obtaining your own ASH chart you may contact me at contact@geo-forecast.com.   The initial ASH charts are your natal chart set for your birth date, time and birth location.  Then the second chart incorporates your present location.  Who would benefit from an ASH chart? In short everyone, but especially someone dealing with a difficult situation, a businessman trying to negotiate a deal and wanting to known who the person on the other side of the table is, a parent trying to help a child.  Getting to know yourself and others is important and many times just seeing those parts of ourselves that are hidden can bring peace to our lives.  I have posted in my blog many examples of the personality evaluation from using the famous.  You do not need the birth time to get good results…just the day of birth and even just where they live now to get a glimpse of the person behind the face.  Basic fee is $95.00 for the initial natal and current location (The who am I chart).  More consultations such as to determine upcoming events or additional questions are based on a per hour fee.

Contact Dr Bennett:  contact@geo-forecast.com


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