San Francisco, one last period of risk in 2015 for Earthquake

We have been watching the events on the west coast in the San Francisco area and we are quickly approaching the terminal point for events.  On 8/2/2015 Saturn will be stationary direct on the mid-haven of San Francisco and there is a risk for a strong quake from 7/31 to 8/3/2015.  There are two more strong dates of danger after that event 8/12/2015 and 8/22/2015.  The three dates clusters should all be watched for a quake.  If San Francisco gets past this point of time with no event then the calendar of quakes is clear until 2018.  That will be discussed over the next few years as we watch the developments in August.

Update Aug 17 2015:

As expected the ground has begun shaking in San Francisco with a series of quakes the strongest being a 4.0 occurring this morning along what is known as the Hayward fault.  This confirms our prediction of a quake but also suggest this is a pre-quake to a possible larger one by Thanksgiving of 2015.  If San Francisco can make it through  then without a major quake then all will quiet until the 2018 time frame.  Just be prepared and alert.

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    See the update below on the San Francisco quake possibilities.

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