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Ankara Turkey Bombing

When events happen in the world many astrologers take to the charts to find the “reason” behind the events.  And in the process of trying to arrive at the nature of the events resort to contortionist angles and interpretations.  Over … Continue reading

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June 2015: Hurricane, Very Warm Weather and a shakeup in Russia/Ukrane

This post uses Joni Patry’s forecast for June as a starting point.  Her statements are in italics.  I agree with some and disagree with some of her statements.   lvb Summary: •    It is a month that will see unseasonably … Continue reading

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News from the Moon: Indonesia and Politics

One more tidbit from the desk…In relation to the current NM/FM we are also looking at some events in Indonesia specifically political in nature.  Saturn is playing a supportive role and Uranus is dabbling in there as well so a … Continue reading

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