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June 2015: Hurricane, Very Warm Weather and a shakeup in Russia/Ukrane

This post uses Joni Patry’s forecast for June as a starting point.  Her statements are in italics.  I agree with some and disagree with some of her statements.   lvb Summary: •    It is a month that will see unseasonably … Continue reading

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News from the Moon: Indonesia and Politics

One more tidbit from the desk…In relation to the current NM/FM we are also looking at some events in Indonesia specifically political in nature.  Saturn is playing a supportive role and Uranus is dabbling in there as well so a … Continue reading

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Washington, its Houston, we have a problem

Ok so we have been talking retrospective events with a few projections.  Here is another that will contain some levity but could be Earth shaking for Washington, DC.  As those in the South know, currently there is little love lost … Continue reading

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