On the Horizon….upcoming expected events

Using our knowledge of tectonic plates and gravity we have built a picture of the next 6-8 months of time.  These are the major events that we will be watching for.  This is not totally inclusive but the starting point for presenting our geodetics work. 

SO WHATS COMING UP? (Primary Events are capital letters, Secondary are numbers,Tertiary are lower case letters.  These will require additional events/confirmation for events to occur. )

A. An Icelandic Volcano could give air travel another go at delays and issues as it releases the pressure that is playing out over the next 6-8 months.

Update:  Iceland’s Katla volcano hit by unusually large earthquakes news-  8/29  http://news.trust.org/item/20160829132417-kodr4

B. Eastern Caribbean – Leeward Islands – North Coast of South America earthquake.

Update: Hurricane Matthew on course for the Caribbean Islands  9/29 https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-caribbean-jamaica-haiti-cuba-us-forecast

C. Activity in the Sea Mount area off the NW area of Pacific Coast in the Washington/Oregon/Canada (BC) area.  It could occur inland in the St. Helens area.

D. Solomon Islands N of the Australia East Coast

E. Taiwan/N Philippine Islands


1. New Zealand: between the N and S Main Islands.


a. S. Coast of Spain (9/1 or Mid-Sept- 9/18 ) event with possible tsunami

b. Caribbean (B) area triggered (9/18)

c. Solomon Islands (C) triggered(9/16-18)

d. Hawaii Islands terror attack (Mid September)

e. N Africa terror attack (Mid September)


Aug-Sept 2016 Tectonic Points

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