Orlando’s pain, is it over?

Events this week have been difficult for Orlando, Florida to say the least.  A singer is shot, a nightclub massacre and a child taken by an alligator.  Why is all this happening.  To put it simply, Orlando is being subjected to energy of violence.  Let me explain why using the ASH system which has been shown here in this blog.

To find the “ground” upon which all the events are happening we look to the characteristics of the latitude of the place.  Here we find the following powerful combinations:

Uranus/Pluto which gives a process of transformation, revolution, fanaticism, one-sidedness, violence, precipitate action, the mania of destruction, acts of violence, upsets, subversive activities, putting the gun to someone’s head, enforcement of decisions.

Mars/Uranus: giving a struggle for survival, violent people with Pluto adding in a force or violent interventions.

Uranus is in Aries which is giving a fanatical fight for ideas, violence, urge to strive for reforms.  Given this energy Orlando is experiencing the manifestation of these energies and will continue to do so until the configurations clear from the latitude.

Now to focus on the worse of the events: the massacre.

The two sides of the conflict:  There is a very telling setup on the ASH charts which give a direct focus of why events occurred as they did.  The massacre represents the struggle between expected behavior and the reality of human sexuality.

Side 1 (Ascendant):

The Moon is powerful and focused on the Ascendant which creates the stage of being under the influence of the female sex and the associated disharmonies with it.  Personal relationship to others are hypersensitive with easy annoyance.  With the Sun gives a focus on ones own personal attitude towards the other sex and with the Node adding in a desire for a personal relationship to the other sex with the energy of Virgo giving the “head rules the heart” power and a methodical actions in relation to the affairs of the heart. 

The Node is tied to the moon but is also standing out on the Ascendant as well with its own energy of associations or alliances, lack of adaptability, anti-social conduct, incompatibility and Virgo giving the energy of disagreements thru uncalled for criticism or nagging as seen thru a group upholding a particular outlook on life.  The Ascendant gives estrangements and difficulties with  regard to relationships between people sharing the same residence (Orlando).

Side 2 (Mid-Heaven):

The moon and node stand in conflict with Venus and the MH which give vanity and conceit, self-admiration, jealousy, loss of others sympathy due to self-admiration, vanity. The energy of Aries gives ardent and passionate love, the desire for change, enjoyment of social entertainment, pleasure and games.  Complicating the issue is the presence of Neptune with Venus giving a peculiar and strange disposition (homosexuality is descried in the old literature this way), a romantic reveling in love, inclination to loose oneself to illusion, disappointment in love or erotic aberrations.  The addition of the Sun and Moon give discontent, unbalanced nature, tendency to allow inner conflicts to manifest and mental and emotional stress. 

Mars/Jupiter on the MH give a sense of immoderation, rebelliousness against the rules, exaggeration, settlement of conflicts, marital differences, and issues with procreative powers. 

Venus/Node interaction on the MH gives a focus on the individual attitude to love unions

Pluto/Jupiter interaction on the MH gives desire for power, the pursuit of fanatical aims, desire to exploit the masses, misfortune to loose everything.


The key to the events on the ground is the presence of Uranus in Aries which focuses its energy in fanatical fight for ideas, violence, urge to strive for reforms. The shootings would be an indicator of the violence where as having a child snatched by an alligator plays to a little developed issue that the parents were allowing the child to wade in an area marked with a “no swimming” warning.  One would ask why they didn’t adhere to the warning except to allow a subconscious “fight against the rules” to play out.  Orlando needs to be on alert for these types of issues as the energy is not going to end quickly.

My thoughts and input: This was not a terrorist attack meant to put forth the clear aims of ISIS but it was an attack against a lifestyle which conflicted with the very essence of the group carried out by an adherent to the belief.  In reading the media’s reports an argument that ISIS and the “right-wing Christians” are the same type of group.  I would point out that they are not.  ISIS is actively prosecuting a war against those who do not believe as they do utilizing rape, beheading and killing.  Christians are praying and taking the legal course of challenging the “reforms” that are being pushed from the LBGT group.  Once an issue is given a legal decision then they continue the process their faith requires…prayer as well as continuing to support the “value” they follow.  There is no verse which promotes the killing of those with whom Christians have a dispute.  That is Islam.  And given the severe energy playing out over Orlando I would caution to watch for more events of the type they have experienced so far this week.

I have heard of San Diego as a possible next point.  I would warn them as well.  Uranus is laying the ground work for events as well as Mars and Pluto.  This tells me that if events occur in San Diego they will not be against the LGBT groups but will be in fact be an immigrant group (ISIS or other immigrant group/Mexican, south of border) waging true war, not just a “sexually disturbed” individual lashing out using his faith as justification for his actions.  This will be a planned, energetic and cruel attack against a governmental/financial/religious institution.  There is a chance that due to stepping up the timeframe of events trying to tie them to Orlando the attack might result in failure of their goal but the law enforcement groups are hindered by a tendency to be separate in their actions/knowledge.  I read this as another “yeah we were thinking this was a bad person/group/deal” and another missed opportunity to prevent events could occur.   

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