Germany’s trials are not over yet…

Continuing on our evaluation of the events tied to the 9/13/2015 Solar Eclipse (SE) at 20.17 Virgo and its effects on the places that received its focus.  We turn to Leipzig, Germany (51.34N, 12.37E; 12.37 Aries MH, 3.85 Leo Asc).

Leipzig is under the direct effects of the Solar Eclipse and so the inner discontent, unbalanced nature and the struggle between duty and interest is going to come to light.  Also the Anchor (Locale of Leipzig) and the MH (immigrants) are near exact so the effects that are occurring will be reflected in both points. The difficult point is that the energy on the Ascendant (German people) is almost the same as the following ASH chart shows. 

Leipzig Germany 9 13 15 SE ASH

With the SE and Saturn occupying all three of the positions (Anchor, MH, ASC) for Leipzig the overwhelming energy at Leipzig is one of inner inhibition or repressions, feeling depressed, increased loneliness, separation from community, renunciation,  joint and shared suffering.  This says that both those who are acting upon the locale and those from the locale are experiencing these feelings.  And the environment itself is much the same.  A key factor playing out is shown by the presence of Mercury at the MH (Immigrants) and Anchor(Locale).  This colors the effects of Sun/Moon/Saturn with difficulties in the attitude and thoughts in relation to the male female principles, marriage and young people.  In essence the immigrants have arrived at a place where the differences in the relations between male and female are creating great tensions and suffering due to their differences.  The people of the locale are not experiencing this inner conflict and yet as they live in the environment it is creating reactions in the populace. Further triggering the conflict is the presence of Venus/Pluto energy in the locale also focuses the light on strains and stresses of sexual relations.  Mars/Saturn in the locale makes it difficult for resolution of the issues as each attempt is met with complete resistance.  In Leipzig we are seeing a test of strength between the two groups, disputes which could result in major outbreak of violence, death and destruction as Pluto plays a part and brings rage or fury of destruction. 

Good news is that there is some improvement in the March 9, 2016 SE.  Write-up to follow tomorrow.

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