Germany over the next year…

Yesterday we looked at Germany since the Solar Eclipse (SE) on 9/13/2015.  The events shown by the eclipse have been fairly close to events that are occurring on the ground in Leipzig.  Let now take a look at the next period of time…

In evaluating the “personality charts” of the SE, the general environment of events is one of irritability, weakness, with failures caused through the absence of plans or the lack of energy to carry them through, misfortune to suffer harm or exploitation, dislike of work, obstinacy and stubbornness, narrow-mindedness.

Combine the above environment with the immigrants energies which are being drawn towards the pursuit of fantastic ideas, self-torment, craving for alcohol, nicotine, obsession and confusion and their grievous loss in the process of immigration and you have a group that has little to no desire to integrate into the historical German society.  The strictness of the Middle East society as experienced by these groups both in the form of government and religion has left them will little to no structure save that which they bring themselves and when one has lived with other telling them the rules how can they now be expected to have rules of their own to which they will adhere.  Especially in a country whose laws are those developed by people who over centuries have develop the staunchness of self-discipline and by their own history know the value of adhering to their rules.

But it is this adherence that is also causing issues to become stronger.  The energies of the German people which are being stimulated by a Mercury/Mars/Saturn structure are ones of deep thinking and concentration which can slow decisions and give rise to the tendency to say things that can create separation by quarrelling.  The positive side is that this ability to think things through will eventually give rise to the achievement of success through their power of determination.  It will be the German people who solve this issue.

The above being said there is tremendous Mars/Pluto energy in the environment which will create the danger of assaults, injuries and the brutal interaction in the environment.  But there will be those who step forward who are not afraid of hard work, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the solution, with a strong desire to overcome difficulties and obstacles at all cost forcibly.  The actions will be audacious and daring and the leader might be a woman who finally steps forward into the action although as the events work out women will be at risk of injury so care must be taken. The woman may be one in power now but it will be at great cost to the person that the solution will occur. 

The people of German have help in their thoughts and plans with a Mercury/Mars component but must realize that this can create controversies or disputes. As many of the problems are based on the societal differences in how men and women relate in private and public all must take care that this issue does not bring up a fanaticism from either side.

The immigrants must grapple with the issues at hand and refuse the inclination to brood over their situation, must really focus on integrating into German society if they wish to be welcome and part of that society.  They  must not allow the devolvement into the process of planning their own destiny against the society they have asked to take them in.  I would issue a warning to all that this period of time is a dangerous one and could result in an assassination attempt (to a woman who is trying to resolve the problem or maybe the “Motherland” as Germany has historically been called) or a plan to strike out by terrorist trying to create their own destiny in the image of the place they left behind.  Immigrants must understand that they must integrate and Germans must be staunch in their defense of their own homes and culture and not be convinced that the best way forward is to forgo all that they have been in the past.

Now as for actual events from the ASH chart:

Leipzig Germany 3 9 2016 SE ASH

.Again given the uniqueness of German, all the participant ie the immigrants, the locale and the German people are basically all under the same influence.  One could say that at present the immigrants are creating their own environment.  But Mars/Jupiter is present lending its assistance in the resolution and decisions and the settlement of conflicts but care must be taken as they also bring the tendency to rebel against guardianship (the government) and creating differences.  That being said there is a strong possibility of cooperation and the integration of the immigrants.  But Ceres and Pallas are both there lending energy to the possibility of disastrous results.  Watch for times when Ceres or Pallas are being triggered as the points where the danger is greatest. 

Pray for Germany as how the issues are resolved here could create the blueprint for the resolution of the same issue elsewhere. 

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