Yabassi, here they come…


One way to prove a system works and to learn its meanings is to look to the past for events that occurred.  Proving the ASH system works is critical to making it a valid forecasting tool.  Therefore to do so we took a past Eclipse (9/13/2015 SE at 170.17 (20.17 Virgo) and asked a simple question, “looking at the eclipse’s focus what could we possibly see.  Our first coordinates placed the focus at Yabassi, Cameroon & neighboring Niger.  We then took a look at the chart and found that the Anchor for the locale and the MH were close together.  This told us that the conditions that were acting upon Yabassi would be reflected in the environment of the locale as well.  Those factors were determined by the Sun/Moon which brings to light those points of discontent, unbalanced nature, and struggle between duty and interest.  These were going to be assisted by a Saturn/Pluto/Mercury pattern which gives the desire to solve difficult problems and the desire to rise from difficult circumstances through the application of tenacity and endurance, self-sacrifice and assistance from those more knowledgeable. 

The ones being acted up in the locale have the characteristics of a Node/Pluto/Pallas energy which gives one a desire to gain strategic influence upon the public via rebelliousness, revolt, and violence.  This is done by the means of lies, fraud creating suffering from separation from the stability of the community.

When you read the linked page you find that the US is sending troops (those more knowledgeable) to help that country’s armed forces fight the Boko Haram militant group that had been flushed out of Niger.  This news announcement was made on 10/15/2015 within the scope of the SE.

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