9/11/2001 – a view from ASH

Often one can make a chart say most anything you want once.  But what about twice.  Today we approach the events of 9/11 from an ASH perspective.  Can we easily see the events in the chart just as we did Pearl Harbor.  Yes, we can.  And no stretching or pretzels are necessary.

First, New York City is at 40.71N, -74.02W for a MH of 286,  an Ascendant of 28.93 and an Anchor of 17.28.  First lets look at the longitude and see if there is an eclipse close to that degree within the prior year…yep there is….On July 5, 2001 there was a Lunar Eclipse at 283.66 near exact the MH of NYC.  One would argue that the events were towards the government of the US but not really.  The attack in Washington D.C. against the Pentagon was likely directed at the government but New York City was directed at the financial and social fabric of the US which ties directly to the people.  So a Lunar Eclipse as the anchor for it makes sense.

The charts of the Lunar Eclipse:

New York City 9-11-2001 and July 5 2001 LE

NYC 9-11-01 and July 5 LE PALs

NYC 9-11-01 and July 5 LE PEDs

We will start with the PALs chart which shows the conditions on the ground that are going to be influenced. This chart shows only the Anchor point of NYC is going to be effected and sets the “environment for events”. (represents a likely connection to the people via the ascendant)

  1. Neptune/Pallas: representing illusions and confusion.
  2. Uranus with the Sun, Moon and Mars: the overall meaning of this is excitement/upset (Sun) with states of tension, upsetting experiences, catastrophes, rebels; states of fear and anxiety, acts of violence (Moon); a struggle for survival, an injury, violence.

The PEDs chart shows multiple effects from the perpetrators of the events and a link to the MH. There is a TCD point of Jupiter/Pluto on the MH suggesting the success with the conflict noted by Jupiter/Pluto. A TCD by Uranus suggest issues with a trouble maker.  In this case more than one. The PEDs chart emphasizes the TCDs.

  1. Jupiter/Pluto: the misfortune to lose everything, desire to exploit the masses, the leading of or participation in uprisings, squanderers and speculators, conflicts with the authorities and the executors of governmental power.
  2. Neptune/Mars: misfortune to suffer harm or exploitation, narrow-mindedness.
  3. Mars/Ceres: Disastrous explosions/destruction of buildings/places.  Ceres is often noted in charts where truly disastrous events have happened and usually in conjunction with the “qualifying” planet.  I.e. what kind of disastrous event is it going to be. In this case explosions of a plane creating the destruction of buildings.
  4. Mars/Venus: disharmonious tendencies, the state of being dissatisfied, sudden outburst of extreme passion, with Neptune giving pathological or abnormal cravings in sex, inclination to perversity.
  5. Neptune/Mercury: Fantasy, wrong thinking, confused ideas and perceptions or notions, acting with deliberation.

The ASH chart shows many issues:

Venus/Neptune at the Anchor point with Ceres suggest dangers to those of artistic, musicians, dreamers, awakening from emotional infatuation with the awareness of disappointment or disillusionment.

Pluto at the Ascendant shows violent disputes, quarrels, injuries, accidents, a drastic or radical change in the circumstances of ones life.

Move to the MH of NYC which represents the perpetrators of events as follows:

Sun/Moon giving inner discontent yet success with inner balance. with Mercury: an association between young people, relation to beliefs and relationships. with Mars giving the urge to bring to fruition ideals and wishes, realization of objectives. With Jupiter giving success, and Saturn creating separation from the community, joint and shared suffering. and with Neptune giving shared suffering, illusions, deceptions. and with the node showing associates and joint qualities.  This suggest the closeness of the group of terrorist was one of extreme sharing of ideals, illusions and suffering.  On 9-11 the moon was aspecting the MH of NYC and the multitude of planets located there.  This was the trigger to the perpetrators of the events.  Also present was a strong Mars/Jupiter aspect with Saturn which created successful enterprises, successful results and Births.  It also gave resolutions and decisions, rebellion against guardianship, differences.  The moon gave energy to the events signified by the MH position as seen in the PEDs chart.  The whole of the events gave strength to the perpetrators and little to the people on the ground.  There is not a lot of religious zeal present in the chart.  Suggesting that this attack was not one of religious ideals but of financial and cultural ones, of pushing back against/rebellion against the society of the Western world.  Looks like 9/11 in later years might have been hijacked by the religious zealots but it did not start out that way.

Note: What did the ASH chart for Washington DC look like?

Ascendant (people affected by actions)  showed the misfortune of having to suffer violent assaults,  struggle for survival, contacts with foreign countries, a desire to face danger (Pentagon would represent this as a fighting force base), and journeys (flights).

Anchor (local environment) showed confused and hazy interpretation of experiences, peculiar states, falsehoods, fraud, with a lack of independent thought, dark forebodings, the gradual decline of ones powers and faculties.  This would represent the environment in the intelligence areas i.e. the Wall between the CIA and FBI and other agencies that should have seen the writing on the wall.  Much of this was due to a false loyalty to old thought and not being able to incorporate a new way of thinking as there was an inability to think independently.

MH showed the same persons, actions and thought as New York City and matches the fact that it was all one group of terrorist in both places that brought about the events.

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