A Day that will live in Infamy….Pearl Harbor attack

Historical events are how we learn the signatures of astronomical patterns.  What does a certain configuration mean? How will it impact the earth and mankind.  Todays lesson is on the events at Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attack there on December 7, 1940.  As is the process we looked to the most recent set of eclipses to determine which was the actual indicator that events were getting ready to occur. 

Honolulu, Hawaii is located at 21.31N, -157w which gives a MH of 22 Libra and an ascendant of 9.74 Capricorn.   There were two eclipses in October of 1940.  The Solar eclipse occurred first at 8 Libra 11 on October 1, 1940.  The Lunar eclipse occurred second at 22 Aries 49 on October 16, 1940 exactly on the MH of Honolulu.  Evaluating the charts for Honolulu,  we find that the both of the October 1940 eclipse charts directly impacted the island. The October 1 chart is a reflective effect where as the October 16 chart gives a direct impact from the conjunction to the MH of Honolulu.  Both charts gave strong warning that major events were going to occur.  Lets look at the common features between the two charts.

Pearl Harbor Dec 1940 and October 1 SE

Pearl Harbor Dec 1940 and October 16 LE

(Note: Blue points are positions on the day of the chart (eclipse), Purple are the reflexive position (eclipse) and the white outlines are the transit positions for the Date of the event: 12/7/1940.  The red lines represent the angles positions of the MH, Ascendant and Anchor. )

Mars and Neptune are conjunct in both charts with the October 16 being near exact.  The October 1 chart gives a dire warning in that the Eclipse is in reflective aspect to the Mars/Neptune conjunction at the Anchor point to Honolulu.  Now if we consider the meaning we find that Mars/Neptune interactions correspond to irritability and weakness, the conscious direction of will without the ability to take action, the desire to harm other people, self-destroying forces and agents, state of being unsatisfied.  The group involved in this group ties to people connected with water or with navigation.  This results in failures caused through the absence of plans or thorough lack of energy, misfortune to suffer harm, dislike of work.  With the presence of the Sun we see a lack of will power, weakness of vitality,the dissolution of the body.   The presence of Pallas in the area suggest that those in charge knew of the weakness but did little to rectify it. This is the conditions on the ground in Honolulu via the Anchor point. 

Further the Anchor point of Honolulu and the Ascendant are very close such that the effects of the Mars/Neptune conjunction played out not only at the site of Honolulu but also directly thru the people there. Prior ASH write-ups have shown that the Ascendant ties to the people of the area while the MH ties to those involved in the action against the people.

The October 1 chart also found Jupiter again reflex at the opposition to the MH of Honolulu suggesting that the energy that would describe the attacker is one of strength of attainment of successes, creating changes in the style of living, a sense of striving for success, consciousness of aim or purpose in life, optimism, contentment.  This would clearly represent Japan and the attitude for winning the battle. 

So the October 1 eclipse warned that the Island was weak and the people were susceptible to the effects of drugs, alcohol and lack of energy.  Also contributing to the events was a Sun/Neptune aspect which gave additional weakness for the location  none of which went unknown by those in positions of authority.  It also suggested that events that were coming dealt with the water/navigation and an opponent that believed in its ability to succeed.

On October 16, 1940 a second warning occurred with the Lunar Eclipse directly on the MH.  This event suggested a significant impact to the people of the island, that again the instigators of events would have a strong sense of success and with the additional presence of Saturn, Sun,Moon and Ceres at the MH a sense of patience and success through perseverance.  The realization of ones objective would be in seclusion. There would be a dissolution to an agreement, a gaining of experience but with changing moods (variable weather) and a notation of significant disaster to occur via the actions. I would suggest that as Venus rules Libra and Japan and she is present at the MH of Honolulu at 22 Libra and in the scope of the Lunar Eclipse suggest the actual opponent was indicated.

The energy at the ascendant continued to be the Mars/Neptune energy as related to the water/navigation/weakness which also continued to be reflected in the Anchor point for Honolulu.  The trigger to events was the transit of the Sun over the Ascendant and Anchor point.  There was strength at the MH (represents Japan) and weakness at the Anchor and Ascendant representing Honolulu and the people who lived there.

All know how events turned out.  The US Pacific fleet was caught in a moment of weakness, unprepared and vulnerable to attack while the Japanese were focused and intent on success. 

I have not included here the “how” of the ASH system or its “why”.  That is to be explained in the book, “Introduction to Applied Spherical Harmonics and Astrology”. But I am hoping that by showing the “what” of the system, an understanding that a new process of understanding celestial events in light of todays quantum physics has been achieved might just take hold.

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