All Hail Ancient Farallon! It speaks!

Millions of years ago there was a tectonic plate called Farallon and as all things, or most at least that old, it has disappeared.  Where did Farallon go?  Under the North American plate with only a few remaining remnants visible along the Pacific Coast of the US between the Pacific plate and the North American plate as the Juan de Fuca, Explorer, Cocos and Gorda minor plates.  The span of the hidden plate below the US Mainland is from the Pacific Coast to the New Madrid fault area in the Midwest as seen in the picture below.  There are points of low gravitational fields around the earth that have now been determined to indicate the presence of hidden/ancient plates.  The blue denotes the gravitational low and the likely presence of Farallon under the North American plate.

Farallon under NA

Todays quake in Fairview Oklahoma is evidence that the plate continues its motions.  It is noted as the 3rd largest quake in the area and given the astronomical/tectonic signature we can see that this quake is not due to Fracking for oil but from the movement of the tectonic plates of the Earth.  This is repeating a pattern seen in the 1950’s in the Oklahoma area.  So when you know the astronomical signature to look for…the increased levels of earthquakes is to be expected. 

Oklahoma also ties to the configuration in the Pacific Northwest which raises the concern that the expected earthquake in the Northern California area will be in the 6.6-7.2 magnitude level. 

Many are concerned with the possibility of a Cascade Subduction Zone earthquake.  But my groundbreaking research pinpoints two earthquakes experienced in 1922 and 1923 as part of the Cascadia Subduction zone release.  These quakes occurred at 222 years of a 243 year megathrust cycle for the Cascadian area.  It was not one event but two that allowed the release of the restriction at the Juan de Fuca, Explorer, Pacific and North American plates.  So even though movement is expected it appears the big has already occurred, we just didn’t know it.

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