San Bernardino and the Manchurian Wife-Terrorist

I held this interpretation back as it made no sense to me.  I saw a beaten down spouse who was suffering from emotional distance from one who had a methodical execution of plans with slow attainment or success.  This made no sense as to a terrorist attack until todays news.  It appears the woman/wife was the one in control.  That put all the elements into perspective and showed that this was the case of a wife who instigated the events and not a submissive wife following the dictates of a husband.  The FBI is beginning to believe that it was the wife who actually planned the event.  The husband was stalked online, convinced to bring her to the US as his fiancé and then marry her.  The date and location of the attack was likely chosen by the wife with the husband following along trying to earn her love.  So the wife was the terrorist while the husband was the unwitting accomplice.  One’s heart goes out to the child. 

The key to all the events lies in the ASH natal of the husband.  His birthdate of 6/14/1987 gave a configuration of Moon/Neptune which shows one that is in danger of being exploited by peculiar and strange influences or being exploited by other people, instability, weakness.  with Moon in Virgo: Pedantry: one who follows rigidly to book knowledge without regard to common sense. 

On the day of the attack (Dec 2, 2015)  there were four hits to his natal:

  1. Mercury was transiting the Moon/Neptune configuration which gave someone “control of inner vision, fantasy or imagination and triggered the exploitation to which he was susceptible. 
  2. Mars was transiting his natal node making him a partner in work, marriage. 
  3. Saturn transiting his natal Venus gave difficulties in love life, scenes of jealousy, state of sobering down, separation from mother.
  4. Ceres was transiting his Pallas which represents his work as an inspector being criticized and creating emotional trauma.

The ASH chart for the day of the attack shows that these hits to his natal were powerful as these planets were TCDs for that day as well:

Moon/Asc: Personal relationship to others, disharmonious relationship to mother/wife,

Venus/Asc: disharmonious relationship to environment, lack of good taste, wastefulness.

Neptune/Asc: lack of resistance, impressionable person, inclination to be influenced by another, moodiness.

The helpers were:

Putting the husband on the Asc:

Venus/Saturn/Asc: love life difficulties, emotional inhibition, demonstration of shyness with others, solitude, separation.

Jupiter/Pluto/Asc: desire for power, conflicts with authorities, misfortune to loose everything

Moon/Pluto/Asc: extreme expression of emotion.

Venus/Pluto/Asc: strains and stresses in love life, social integration difficulties

Sun/Uranus/Asc: state of tension

Putting wife on the MH:

Saturn/Neptune/MH: limitations to freedom, emotionally suffering caused by other persons, emotionally depressed environment, oppressive family circumstances. with methodical execution of plans, the slow attainment of success thru intense activity and great painstaking effort, neuroses. 

Energy available for all the players in the event: husband/wife/city:

Sun/Uranus: catastrophes, upsetting experiences, states of tension

Jupiter/Saturn: patience, success thru perseverance, discontent, self destructive thought

Mars/Pluto: proceed in brutal fashion, misfortune to suffer violent assaults, person who wants to use force or compulsion at every occasion.

Mercury/Uranus: nervous haste, eccentric actions, upset, excitement, power to influence other people, revolutionary spirit.

The events were a terrorist attack that was planned well in advance and not the result of a recent insult.  The sad part is that the husband allowed it to happen all in exchange for the love of his wife.  A love which in reality was likely never going to happen.  He was what would be called a stooge and was played.  Maybe the best lesson to learn from this attack is that the Muslim community needs to help their sexually repressed young men find proper wives, properly vetted by family just as they did in the old days.  That would lessen the risk of them being played by the nefarious “EVE” they all seem to fear.  JMHO

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