Can ASH predict?

In any type of astrological or forecasting process the desired result is being able to foresee events and hopefully have a beneficial impact on them.  ASH is no different.  But just maybe it is.  Over the course of years ASH has been developed with the view that events can be forecast and not just those that are plain to most systems but also those which lie hidden inside the harmonics of the world.  This is the first expose of the possibility that ASH really can be predictive.

On 9/28/2015 there was a LE at 4 Aries 40.  To those who do geodetics the attack in Paris on 11/14/2015  is fairly understandable.  The eclipse was at the MH of Paris.  But what of the other events that have played out from that eclipse.  Each of these locations and configurations were obtained from the ASH list for the 9/28/2015 eclipse.

1. Bamako, Mali: On 11/20/2015 a hotel was attacked and hostages taken in Bamako, Mali.  ASH located Yorosso, Mali (extremely close to Bamako) as a point of a Sun/Uranus effect and on 11/20/2015 Mars transited the Sun. Sun/Uranus points to a revolutionary spirit, excitement or upset, states of tension, a sudden adjustment to new conditions or circumstances in life as seen in cases of military call up or imprisonment.  Adding Mars to the equation gives a person of hasty physical action, precipitation and rash action, injury. 

2. US Plains Snow Storm: On 11/20/2015 a severe snow storm began in the N/S Dakota area of the US.  It saw records levels of snow and cold present.  On that day the Sun transited the ecliptic configuration of Uranus/Ceres.  Uranus symbolizes cold and negation and is opposite the effects of the Sun. The impacts of Uranus are sudden and extreme and when paired with the Sun lower temperatures are the result. With Ceres known as the Great Mother and Agriculture one could attribute a wet element to the effect of Ceres.  that would bring in the moisture necessary and the falling temperature the trigger for the storm.

3. Atlanta, Ga:  We are now hearing about a possible terrorist threat in Atlanta on Sunday. – news – top&_gup=GSEmail&_gsc=cw75wKK

Atlanta is found in the ASH list with a combination of Mercury/Pallas which gives a situation of challenge/uncomfortable with expression of independence and social reform which results in disagreements or open conflict at times.  Assisting the events is Saturn/Mars with its harmful and destructive energy, cases of death with Venus giving death of female (possible suicide bomber/female) with Neptune giving insufficient power to tackle resistance or obstacles (FBI now knows about it from Anonymous as the group revealed the plan) and possible grievous and grave loss.  @ the MH giving Mourning and bereavement (death) of the aggressors.  Mars/Ceres on the ASC gives a protective measure to Atlanta as well as assistance from the Mercury/Pallas combination allowing for the understanding of the patterns that are presenting. (Plan revealed). So likely we will owe the group calling itself Anonymous a big thank you. 

4. Predictive Event:  Washington DC is in the ASH list with the combination Pluto/Uranus which gives the process of transformation, out with the old in with the new, revolution.  Pluto is sitting directly on the MH of Washington DC.  In prior write-up I showed that Donald Trump has Pluto at the MH TCD (possible next President).  The Pluto/Uranus event is with the Sun giving an urge for independence and freedom, untiring creative work, the tendency to make the highest demands on ones self but also a possible breakdown or catastrophe; on the MH giving prudence, vision, aspirations for innovations and reforms.  Interestingly a Mars/Saturn combination is powering both the MH and the ASC.  This suggest that there is going to be “blood in the water” on the day of the election with both sides taking a beating.  Mercury/Pluto on the Asc suggest that Washington is going to oppose the results of the day and we could see a major overturning of the Establishment Elite on both sides of the isle.  The trigger to the events is Uranus transiting the Eclipse Jupiter.  This gives optimism, sudden change in destiny.  This combination indicates inner tensions or strains which are then suddenly released. A position also known as the “Thank the Lord” position.  Nov 8, 2016 might just be an absolutely amazing day. 

So can we say that ASH can predict…well this is a good start. 

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