9-11-2001 according to ASH

This is a day which will live in the memory of a nation for a very long time. Let’s try to learn something new about that day.  First we look to the anchoring cause of the events and find that July 5, 2001 there was a LE at 13 Cap.  This tells us the focus is on the people.  Note that most terrorist attacks focus on the people not the government themselves.  In this regard they punish the people of a nation for the actions of the government. When we observe the meaning of the 13th degree of Capricorn we find that it is quite descriptive of the events and the attackers.  The Eclipse was on the MH and so was prophetic of the terrorist:

“a nature that is aspiring and active, disposed to lead a life of adventure and hazard. He may become attached to the military service or in some other form will be a representative of the fiery and devouring element. He has a restless and aspiring nature and will impel to action on a wide scale. He will travel and explore, lighting up dark places…he will be zealous in the conquest of worlds that are beyond ken.

Now the ASH chart for the 7/5/2015 localized to NYC:  The trigger for the event was Mars striking the Saturn, Moon and Jupiter energies of the eclipse on 9-11-2001.

In ASH, the actors (terrorists in this case) are represented by the MH whereas the people being impacted by the actor are represented by the ASC (NYC).  In this case the MH contained all the power that was used to succeed in the attacks. Jupiter and Pluto provided the power to attain success in the attack along with providing the motivation and reasoning for the attack.  Uranus was working on both sides (MH and ASC) and indicated the planes which were the instrument of the attack. (new technology)

Note that there was no power directly to the ASC from the TCDs.  There was some help via the “helpers” and “general activity” but it was most cause for chaos and injury.

#N/A 7/5/2001 new york city
TCDs   A planet whose influence is constant at a location
Jupiter Key Harmony, Law, Religion
  Positive  The urge to expand or extend, enlargement, ownership or possession, satisfaction, harmony, justice,constructive inclinations, optimism, a social sense, moral and religious aspirations, the faculty to survey the whole
  Negative Disharmony, injustice, quarrelsomeness, anti-social conduct,amoral behavior, immorality, the craving for pleasure, greed, a materialistic attitude towards life
  Body part 0
  Occup. 0
  @MH Consciousness of aim or objective in life; noble or fine soul, a happy and harmonious person, striving for success, optimism, generosity, contentment; a strong desire to be of importance in the world the ability to make good in life or to rise to successfully in ones career, changing or fluctuating circumstances
Pluto Key invisible forces or powers, will or wish to exercise power, manifestation of unconscious powers, ruthless frankness, urge to influence the masses
  Positive   will or wish to exercise power, manifestation of unconscious powers, ruthless frankness, urge to influence the masses
  Negative Ruthless use of force or coercion, inclination to incite, to agitate
  @MH Shaping of the individuality; The desire to become important, growth and development of strength, power to attain success in life, ability to organize, prudence, vision, authority; Foolhardiness and daring, licentiousness, the abuse of power, anti-social conduct, tendency to create feelings of resistance and vindictiveness in other people
Uranus Key Suddenness, revolution, change
  Positive  Peculiarity, independence, a love of freedom, independent action and ideas, enthusiasm for everything that is new or modern, agility or motility, good powers of perception, intuition allied with objective judgment, easy excitability, a sense of rhythm
  Negative An obstinate nature, lack of adaptability, rebellion, revolutionary tendency, and excitable nature impulsive action, strong emotional tensions, passion for innovation, changeability of character
  Body part Rhythm, connections with nervous system, with the meninges or membranes of the brain, pituitary gland and with the spinal marrow
  Occup. Reformers, inventors, technicians, rebels and revolutionist, airplanes are ruled by Uranus.

NYC is on the ASC and had few helpers for the events. 

Mercury/Uranus @ Asc: Application of practical principles in the creation of ones environment, circumspection, prudence or deliberation, organizing ability, a sudden contact of thoughts with other people, Accidents,motor damage
Mercury/Pluto @ Asc: Intellectual domination of the environment, the ability to exercise an influence upon persons in ones environment
pluto/asc: Will power, ambition, striving for power, utilization of force, display of unusual personal influence; Dictatorship or rule by force, desire to bring other people under the rule of ones own will, repulsive behavior; desire to attain success in life at all cost, making unusual contacts or acquaintances, readjustment of conditions or circumstances; violent disputes, quarrels, injuries, accidents, drastic or radical change in ones circumstances in life 
MH helpers: Terrorist  
Venus/Neptune @ Mh: Erotic imagination, illusion; sensitiveness in love, person easily influenced, appreciation for beauty, dreamy nature, good taste, high ideals, mistaken sense of love, lack of good taste, indecision, uncertainty, a seducible character, erotic aberrations. (The terrorist in the planes were but the “dispensable” soldiers in Osama Bin Laden’s war)
Saturn/Uranus @ Mh: Irritability and inhibitions, tension, ability to cope with situations, power to pull thru and to endure, perseverance and endurance, will power, determination; unusual emotional tensions or strain, irritability, emotional conflicts, rebellion, urge for freedom, provocative conduct, act of violence. Tendency to cause unrest in ones environment, quarrel, separation, use of force, interventions in ones destiny, limitations of freedom, growth of strength caused thru the overcoming of difficulties, difficult but successful battles in life for the purpose of overcoming a dangerous situation. 
General Energy available to both MH and ASC: The energy of events will show both sides of the combinations below as by their very position both positive and negative energy plays out.
Sun/Uranus: Progressive mind, Originality, concentration upon air, far-seeing mind, love of freedom, strive for reforms as in innovator, rebel, inventor, reformer
Moon/Uranus: Emotional tensions, sudden manifestations of sub-conscious forces; increased emotional excitability, attentiveness, ambition, tendency to act according to ones inner instinct, strong self will, tendency to strive for a goal or an objective, determination, unconditional pursuit of ones own conviction, interest in metaphysical; excessive self will, stubbornness, fanaticism, tendency to exaggerate or to magnify things, inclination to over strain nerves, striving for absolute independence, restlessness, craving for sensation. 
Mars/Uranus: Sudden application of effort, intervention in the body; extraordinary and unusual amount of energy, urge for freedom and independence, trait of neither to be subdued or to yield to others peoples will, quick determination, courage
Mars/Venus: Passion, impulse to love; sensuality, desire, a warm heart, talent, artistic creativity, expression of feelings and sentiment; strong emotional and sexual life coupled with disharmonious tendencies (Terrorist who were supposedly devout Muslims going to strip joints before attack), inclination to exaggerate, irritability, state of being dissatisfied or unsatisfied, excitability, lack of tact, sudden outburst of extreme passion followed by quick reaction of coolness, 
Neptune/Pallas: Increased imagination and visualization, cannot tell difference between reality and delusion (Do they really believe there are 72 virgins awaiting them? or is it just a justification for their actions?)
Mars/Neptune: Irritability, weakness, control of feelings and passions thru ones mental attitude and inner/spiritual aspirations; conscious direction of will without the ability to take action, desire to harm others, misuse or abuse of physical energy, misdirected powers and capabilities (also in criminal sense), self destroying forces and agents (narcotics/drugs/suicide), moodiness, irritability, discontent, feelings of inferiority; People connected with water (Port Authority) or with navigation (Terrorist guiding the planes) . narrow mindedness
Jupiter/Pluto: desire for power, striving for development of power (mental/spiritual/material), desire to lead the masses, appreciation of the need for regeneration, brilliant gift for organization, spiritual or intellectual leadership, pursuit of fanatical aims, desire to exploit the masses, wastefulness, loss of social standing and ones wealth, conflicts with authority and executors of governmental power (arrest), misfortune to lose everything, leading of or participation in uprisings, attainment of leadership
Mercury/Neptune: Imagination, sympathetic understanding of other people, perception and vision in depth, a grasp of the most subtle and most attenuated correlations or relationships, idealism with presentment of coming events, mental cognition/understanding
Mercury/Pluto: Art of persuasion, suggestion; restless thinking, good powers of observation, quick grasp of every situation, amazingly sharp criticism, intellectual triumph over others, slyness or cunning, crafty subtlety, diplomacy; hasty thinking and speaking, premature action or hastiness, spirit of opposition, irritability, impatience, over estimation of self; wielding of influence thru speaking or writing. Over tax ones strength, disturbances of the nervous system thru excessive zeal or eagerness. Malfunctioning controls (Imagine the influence to convince 20 terrorist to train and perform the attack)
Mercury/Uranus: Astuteness, intuition; revolutionary spirit and mind, shrewdness, inventive thinking, talent for speaking, intuition, interest in or ability for technical science or engineering, physics, mathematics, rhythm, desire for independence, intellectual flexibility; too many irons in the fire, inclination to scatter ones energies, nervous haste, temporary or occasional confusion, tactlessness, brutal frankness, over-estimation of self, upset and excitement
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