Thankfully just a train wreck, not terror …

Many don’t believe in coincidences and neither do I so when a train wreck happened on the same weekend as the Paris terror attack I had to look. Thankfully the ASH chart shows the energy to be personnel/equipment/mechanical/construction failure and not a terrorist attack.  The passengers on the train were from a large organization and the train was the new high speed train between France and Germany.  The MH TCDs contribute energy to the party which created the event while the ASC TCD represents those who the events affected.  The general energy works on both the MH and the ASC:

ASH Interpretations of Results
Train crash 11/14/2015 Eckwersheim
TCDs   MH planets represent the party responsible for the event.
Pallas Key Pattern recognition, Creative thinking
  Positive  Creative thinking, pattern recognition 
  Negative 0
  Bod part 0
  Occup. 0
  @MH Problem solving and pattern recognition important part of the career. Parental hawks who over-organize your life while raising you.
Venus Key Love, Art
  Positive  Physical attraction, feeling, a sense of harmony, beauty and art, a positive outlook or attitude towards life
  Negative Sexual aberration, sentimentality, want of taste, heedlessness
  Body part Kidneys, veins, glandular parts
  Occup. Artist, entertainers, those connected with the arts
  @MH An affectionate disposition, kindness and benevolence, a harmonious nature, a sense of beauty and art but (-) gives vanity and conceit, self-admiration, jealousy

Passengers on the Train (ASC) were all from the same business and traveling together as a group. 

Mercury Key Intellect, mediation
  Positive  Good grasp or understanding of subject, sound judgment, critical ability, dexterity in expression and in writing, mediation, diplomacy, general intellectual abilities, analysis
  Negative Lack of understanding and of objective criticism, the tendency to diffuse ones energy into too many channels, inhibitions in speech and writing, overdevelopment or weakness of intellect
  Body part The motor nerves of speech and hearing organs
  Occup. Intellectual workers, tradesmen, agents or mediators
  @ ASC Forming thoughts about other people, defining or determining ones own position with regards to others, inclination to talk about others, exchange of ideas and thought with others, desire to chat with people; tendency to criticize others, belittle and to degrade them, gossip, meeting other people, cultivating the exchange of ideas and thoughts, becoming acquainted with other persons, receiving documents, letters, judge wrongly or state of being misjudged. 


    Scorpio: Sharp criticism, fanaticism, endurance and perseverance in the pursuit of difficult problems and in the solution of arduous tasks, practical ability, sarcasm, skepticism, cunning and craft, lively disputes, arguments , fights
Ceres Key Nurturing, Religion, Great Mother, women, protection
  Positive  0
  Negative 0
  Body part 0
  Occup. 0
  @ ASC 0
  @MH 0
  In Sign Aquarius:Nurturing thru innovation, being involved in humanitarian causes, big organizations, friends, wishes and dreams, supporting others in their dreams, TV, music, electronics, science, hope
    Ceres suggests a lack of “nurturing or care” is present overall.



Combination: Meaning
  General energy in play on day for locale.
Sun/Saturn: inhibition, hereditary afflictions, karma, separation; Firmness, decisiveness and determination, perseverance, the ability to become completely absorbed in a subject, the ability to maintain ones position in life, seclusion/retirement, modesty; Inhibitions in mental or physical development, inclination to be a pessimist, Lack of vitality, developmental inhibitions, (equipment development failure)
Mars/Saturn: Cases of death, harmful or destructive energy, inhibited or destroyed vitality, Periods of weakness alternating with periods of brutal ruthless progress and advancement in life, all will directed activity meets complete resistance, test of strength, disputes, separations, illnesses, tendency to get hurt or injured, destructive or pernicious forms of energy (Speed of train)
Saturn/node: Isolation, inhibitions in unions or associations, inclination to become attached to persons older than oneself, lack of adaptability, great difficulties in cooperating with others, Inhibitions and difficulties in association or partnerships, termination of blood relationships, the death of relatives or of kindred, cooperative work or team work becoming more difficult, suggesting failure at a point of connecting older equipment to newer equipment.
mercury/Pluto: Art of persuasion, suggestion; restless thinking, good powers of observation, quick grasp of every situation, amazingly sharp criticism, intellectual triumph over others, slyness or cunning, crafty subtlety, diplomacy; hasty thinking and speaking, premature action or hastiness, spirit of opposition, irritability, impatience, over estimation of self; wielding of influence thru speaking or writing. Over tax ones strength, disturbances of the nervous system thru excessive zeal or eagerness. (Malfunctioning controls or improper inspections, hastiness in starting operations of train)
Mars/Pluto: Superhuman power/force/brutality; ability to demonstrate extraordinary force and vigor, great self confidence, obsession to work without any break, great ambition; the attainment of ones own objective by means of ruthlessness to others, brutality, cruelty, using force at every occasion, misfortune to suffer violent assaults, injuries
Node/Pluto: Common destiny of a large mass of people; urge to seek contacts or associations with many people, wish to become a public figure or to exercise an influence upon other people; the state of feeling ones associations with other people as a burden, being cramped in ones style thru the influence of others with subsequent suffering, unions or associations brought about by the particular circumstances of ones destiny, a karmic link; crowds or large groups of people, mass meetings, large business concerns
Responsible Party (MH): This is likely the operators of the train.  Suggesting that a problem with the train or track was not identified as a result of this energy.  Note Venus and Pallas are also TCD for the MH.
Venus/Pallas@Mh: love of beauty with the pattern recognition ability. (-) inability in pattern recognition.  The pattern recognition ability has problems integrating with the artistic sense. There could also be a tendency to be excessively critical (Pallas) of those with whom we are romantically involved (Venus). 
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