Oh Paris, how could this happen?

Another world shaking event of a man-made kind and questions about how it could happen.  Lets take a look at the ASH reading and learn what was in play for Paris on Nov 13 at 20:00 GMT when the attacks began.  To find the correlations to astronomical events lets look at the September 28, 2015 Lunar Eclipse which occurred at 1:52 GMT.  Why this eclipse…the very nature of the attacks was against the people of France not the government.  Who was attacked? People relaxing on a Friday evening at restaurants, entertainment and sports.  Not the government at all.  We took a quick look at the Sept. 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse which would have been against the government of France/Paris but there was almost no tie at that point other than via the Virgo rulership noted by some astrologers.  But we are using the science of Geodetics not the ancient country rulerships.  The September 2015 Lunar Eclipse put the SUN/MOON/Pluto directly on Paris in Longitude/Latitude and Ascendant as determined by the ASH calculations.  This put 3 planets in Paris with each having a 3 point focalization of energy.  It would be dangerous with one planet with a 3 point focalization much less 3 different planets with 3 points focusing their energy there. Additional energy playing out came from the Saturn retrograde on March 15, 2015 Saturn on the ASCENDANT of Paris giving a major warning of a major “deathly” event and on Nov 13, 2015 Saturn was transiting its retrograde stationary position above Paris.   Also Venus was transiting the Lunar Eclipse position of the Sun sextile Saturn tying both the Saturn retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse together. A very deadly setup as we have seen.

The events of Nov 13, 2015 occurred within the context of major immigration from a war torn area (Syria), France believes they owe the immigrants a new place to call home, and the lack of governmental prudence in regards to the new visitors who were bringing their religion and culture with them.  I would tell Europe that you are not responsible to take in people from other places who have a significant number promising your destruction.  I see major governmental neglect in forcing and allowing this culture destroying immigration to occur.  It would one thing if the people were really leaving their lives behind with the full intention of assimilating into their new country but instead they are bringing their religion/culture/society with them.  Something completely contrary and opposite to the Western Civilization.  Why are they coming to the West if they are bringing all their fighting and dysfunction with them? To make France into their homeland Syria.  Why leave then other than to overtake the place they are going to.  This is an invasion not a refugee situation.

9/28/2015 ASH chart:

Paris Attack 11-13-2015

In previous write-ups I have explained that the MH belongs to those who are causing the action (terrorist in this case) and the ASC belongs to the locale of events and the people there. (Paris) You can see that there was a lot of supportive energy located on the MH while there was extreme weakness on the ASC.

We see that France’s welcome with open arms was met by men and now supposedly a woman who brought their dysfunctional beliefs to Paris.  Having a determination to subjugate their new neighbors to their way of live and with the intent to use violence to do it.  France’s belief that they were doing good was their undoing.  These are people who are more married to their religion and destructive culture than to the desire for freedom, democracy and peace. 

ASH Interpretations of Results
LE  9/28/2015 Paris
TCDs   A planet whose influence is constant at a location
Sun Key Spirit, mind, living being
  Positive  The will to live, the urge to rule, the striving for an objective, organization, the ability to make a decision
  Negative Lack of vitality and will power, lack of determination and organization, indecision or vacillation
  Body part Heart, health, vitality, circulation
  Occup. Man, father, authority, leading personality, official or civil-servant
  @MH Individuality, the goal or object of life giving consciousness of an objective, the striving for an aim or objective, the development of the personality, awareness of ones mission in life, self knowledge, a positive attitude to life but (-) creating aimlessness, lack of clarity with regard to ones aspirations or intentions, a wrong or misguided outlook on life. Good at individual relations, the pursuit of ones objective, successes, individual progress or advancement
Moon Key Soul, Female principle
  Positive  Motherliness, domesticity, prudence, mobility, changeable, adaptation, sense of form, memory
  Negitive Repressed motherliness, love of comfort,impressionability, a care free attitude or an easy going nature, moodiness
  Body part Fertility, body fluids, lymph
  Occup. Mother, spouse, wife, family, the nation, heredity qualities or traits as a whole
  @MH Deep sentiment and feeling, rich soul life, inner experience of life and the appreciation of spiritual values, the objectives of life are rooted deeply in ones own soul, great aspirations, desire to care for others, motherliness, appreciation for home or family; Untenable life objectives, a wavering disposition, change of moods, unreliability.
Node Key Association or alliance  (ISIS)
  Positive  Adaptability, the urge to unite with others, socialness, good fellowship, obliging manner
  Negative Lack of adaptability, unsocialbleness, anti-social conduct, incompatibility
  Body part Subconscious memory, power body
  Occup. Meetings, alliances, societies, contact-men, blood ties, kindred and related people
  @MH Individual relationships, the desire to seek out people with the same ideas as oneself, enthusiasm for joint ideals and aspirations, the tendency to lay stress on inner understanding as regards ones personal relationships with others. Inconsistency in the pursuit of joint objectives. The inclination to differ from other people and show it. Placing ones own personal interest above those of the community or the group to which one belongs. 
    Libra: Special aptitude for teamwork in connection with the welfare of the public, Friendship, a communal and social sense, socialness, the harmonious arrangement of social meetings and entertainments
  Attackers Helpers:  These are the characteristics that assisted those who attacked.
Venus/Pluto@Mh: Ego conscious direction of the sexual urges, a strong feeling of live, artistic creation, deep feelings of love (Karmic); Fanaticism in love (or religion)
Mars/Ceres@Mh: Energy, action, and nurturing combined. This person feels nurtured through physical action, adventure, and even combat. (-)  an indicator that the early nurturing tended to be in conflict with the need for assertion, may get angry when asked to nurture others. They may even get angry when they have to nurture themselves, poor nurturing of those in their environment/nation.
Pallas/Mh: Problem solving and pattern recognition important part of the career. Ability to plan attack. Gave the ability to plan out the coordinated attacks and find those to carry them out. 

The City of Paris sits on the ASC:

Venus TCD Key Love, Art, City of Love
  Positive  Physical attraction, feeling, a sense of harmony, beauty and art, a positive outlook or attitude towards life
  Negative Sexual aberration, sentimentality, want of taste, heedlessness
  Occup. Artist, entertainers, those connected with the arts
  @ ASC A harmonious personality; sociable, artistic inclinations and appreciation of beauty but (-) wasteful and disharmonious with environment, indulgent in enjoyment or pleasure. 
Combination: Meaning
  City of Paris Helpers:
Sun/Pluto@Asc: (-) Experiencing the ruthlessness of others, the crisis of self preservation.

Moon/Pluto@Asc: A violent reaction to environment influences, the tendency to cause upsets in ones environment thru ones conduct, many upsets
Mars/Saturn@Asc: a person who advances only with great difficulty, obstacles or inhibitions caused by others, economize, illness, separation, mourning and bereavement 
Uranus/Ceres@Asc: The early nurturing was erratic, cause contact difficulties as an adult. When these people feel a need for nurturing, they could simply run. the unstable nurturing caused panic (if I don’t get nurtured, I’ll die). The panic is frequently dealt with by denial (I don’t need them). likely to get romantically involved with unstable types who are incapable of providing nurturing. 
Saturn/Asc: An inhibited personality; early maturity, gain of experience caused thru events and occurrences within ones environment; tendency to feel hindered and depressed, suffering from limiting or poor conditions, inability to develop in the right way, wrong outlook on life
Ceres/Asc: people will come to you for “nurturing” whether you want them to or not. (+) Nurturing can be both given and taken smoothly. (-) There will tend to be battles with others over who is giving and who is getting more nurturing.  attract people who drain them.
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