Dr. Ben Carson, A man to respect

In continuing our presentation of the candidates according to ASH, Dr. Ben Carson in next up under the magnifying glass.  He presents an interesting and comforting personality.  There are points in his chart that are shared with Donald Trump and even one point that is share in a lesser manner to my favorite President, George Washington.  We put his current base in Baltimore as no note of his having moved since leaving his position at John Hopkins has been made.  This being said, his election to office should not change his character in the move so what you see now is what you will get. His ASH chart:

Dr Ben Carson in Washington

He has three TCD which control his personality and life direction: Neptune ASC, Node ASC and Ceres MH. 

Neptune ASC: gives an impressionable person, sensitiveness, sympathetic or compassionate and an innate understanding of people which when negative can give a lack of resistance or stamina, inability to maintain ones place or position in the world, inclination to be influenced by others. in Libra gives a receptive nature, the expression of feelings, high ideals. Being an active and integral part of an association or community. with Uranus giving an increase sensitivity to the influence of others, harmed or defamed by others. [Given the good doctor’s success at John Hopkins we would give him the positive side of this TCD.  His manners, outlook and public persona all give the impression of one who is compassionate and understanding.  If he were to be considered in a Vice-Presidential position we would see an ability to be willing to work with the President not against him with common goals. ]

Node ASC: this gives personal relationships, harmonious conduct within the family and within ones own personal environment, associates and colleagues, a social conscience. Ability to get along with others, profitable team work.  in Pisces giving philosophical interest in common with other people, a community of persons holding the same beliefs. [A very powerful point in his chart.  As a surgeon one would have to be able to work with others in a team in very stressful conditions where quick decisions and actions are required.]

Ceres MH gives a deep religious personality, caring and protective instincts.

Helpers in ASH:

Mars/Pluto: superhuman power/force, the ability to demonstrate extraordinary force and vigor, great self confidence, obsession to work without a break, great ambition, can be ruthless to others, cruel even with attainment of success thru excessive effort.  [This is a very powerful point in his chart.] with Pallas giving strategy, delegation and ability to delegate (same as in Trumps chart).

Mercury/Pluto/MH: ability to cope with any situation, good powers of observation, keen powers of judgment or discernment, prudent, circumspect, foresight, ability to arrange matters well.

Jupiter/Uranus/ASC; ability to shape ones environment according to ones own ideas, shared happiness with others or partner.

Saturn/Uranus MH: making highest demands upon ones own strength, rebellion

Uranus/Neptune/MH: a person who is easily influenced, instability, state of being sad and depressed with others.

Node/Uranus: Experiences in life shared with others, lively/active in company of others, restless disposition, a political association advocating reforms, team work in industry/technology, brings plans to fruition with others.

Mercury/Mars/Pluto/Asc: person fond of discussions, turbulent/stormy proceedings, orator, sharp analyst, misfortune of having to suffer heavy attacks from others.

Pluto/ASC: will power, ambition, attainment of power and authority in life, the utilization of magical/religious/psychic forces, a fascinating personality.  [George Washington had this configuration in his chart as a powerful component.  It is well known that Dr. Carson prayed as to the need to seek the Presidency and this is a key component of that faith.] at MH attainment of success in ones career or occupation in life. with Mars creates daring and foolhardiness, exposing oneself to danger. with Merc giving urge to dominate other peoples via mind and suggestion.

Moon/Mars/Neptune/Node gives an energetic or vigorous cooperation with others, can create a negative attitude, tendency towards worry.

Given the above, in Dr. Carson, is a gentleman of great faith who is ambitious but compassionate, who is great at cooperation within groups who has ideas and a social conscience.  He is good at leading in a group but he can be influenced by that group.  Could he translate that to “leader of the free world”, I am not sure. But I would accept him in the position of a Vice President who can take the “co-operative” position, go to Congress and get the agenda done.  Then after experiencing the rigors of the Presidency by observation if needs be, he would be prepared to step up and take the reins if necessary. Why not President first? As President, Obama has made such a mess of things that we need a housecleaner first and someone who will knock heads and ask questions later.  Not sure Dr. Carson is the man for that time.  But the one to follow that President after the mess is cleaned up…No problem. I would be inclined to call him Gentle Ben.  A great counter to the Giv’em hell Trump.  Just an idea I have.

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