Just who is running the country?

As a new election cycle begins here in the US, we are again looking at our presidential candidates and past presidents.  During the past two cycles the media has missed some critical things about our currently sitting President, so I figured that would be a good place to start evaluating our past and future Presidents. 

Lets find out who Barak Obama is from his ASH chart.  Also let investigate how moving to the White House changes ones very personality.  We are going to start in Washington then we will look to Chicago and see the differences a change in location made, and there were some big changes. 

Here is his ASH chart from Washington and Chicago:

Barak Obama in ChicagoBarak Obama in Washington

On the chart you will see 5 TCD points for Washington: Sun ASC, Moon MH, Venus MH, Jupiter Lat. and Ceres ASC.  While Washington gave him Jupiter it took away a Mercury Lat and a Mars ASC TCD from Chicago.  These created significant changes which many noted over the time he has been in Washington especially the comment that “is he really that smart?”, he seems “tired”. 

So who is sitting in the Oval Office controlling the US Military and the US Economy.  Sadly it appears to be a man who is easily influenced by others and is out for himself. 

TCDs in Washington:

Sun ASC: ones personal attitude towards other people, judgment of others, striving for public recognition, desire to gain esteem, self confidence which can create disharmonious relationships, misplaced self confidence. [“I won so get over it”, was a perfect statement and an indication that there would be the worst of this TCD playing out]

Jupiter Lat.: harmony, law and religion, urge to expand, own possessions, a social sense, justice and harmony that when negative creates disharmony, injustice, quarrelsomeness, anti-social conduct, amoral behavior, immorality and craving for pleasure. [believing he can rewrite the constitution and take power that is not in the executive branch via the bureaucratic structure and executive orders and departmental memo’s]

Moon MH: Motherliness, domesticity, changeableness, adaptation, sense of form, view towards the nation, qualities as a whole. on the MH creating deep sentiment, great aspirations, the desire to care for others with Neptune giving false emotional conceptions or pictures, inclination to torment oneself, worry, lose hope easily, experiencing falsehoods or deceptions, vexations thru women. with Uranus giving irritability, nervousness, unusual degree of emotional excitability, emotional crisis/upsets with women. [his vision of the US is suspect by many and although he might have good intentions…he just isn’t seeing what really is occurring. He also doesn’t seem to be too happy with the women in his life as they leave him being to vacation by themselves. Don’t forget Hillary Clinton at State,  Lois Lerner at the IRS,  Samantha Powers at the UN,  Susan Rice at NSC and others who have let him down]

Venus MH: Physical attraction, feelings, sense of harmony, positive attitude with negativity creating sexual aberration, sentimentality, vice, heedlessness.  on MH creating vanity and conceit, self-admiration, jealousy and the loss of others sympathy thru the demonstration of self admiration and vanity. with Neptune creating peculiar attitude towards love, unexpected dislikes and aversions, renunciation and unhappiness in love. [he has lost the respect of many due to the constant reference to “me, myself, and I” in his speeches and the disharmony created by one who is pitting the different groups of this country against each other.]

Pallas ASC: pattern and creative thinking with a striving to leave fathers shadow. [ I am curious just who does he perceive as father.  This comes up in all his charts]

What is telling by its absence is the Mercury TCD from Chicago which gave him the energy for a strong mental intellect.  This TCD is why so many believed him to be such an intelligent person.  In reality it was just an energy that he could use in Chicago but was absent from his natal ASH in Hawaii and is definitely missing in Washington.  What is also missing is the Mars TCD from Chicago which gave him the energy to get things done and the urge to do so.  Many complain that often he seems as if he really isn’t there.  Well that great energy from the 2004 convention speech is definitely missing…as is the great speaker that he portrays.  This is a great example of how moving can change the very essence of what you are. (stay tuned for the JFK personal write-up to see how a move to Washington can actually help you, not weaken you as it has done this President)

Washington Helpers:

Sun/Jupiter giving good health, urge to climb socially, striving for power with Pluto giving the acquiring of wealth, pursuit of happiness and fortune and with Mercury giving the recognition that he desires from the Sun TCD above. A very powerful force in his chart.

Sun/Neptune: Sensitiveness, weakness, person easily influenced by others, prone to seduction, exploited by others, great disappointments, chaotic conditions, entanglement in scandals. [The transiting Sun is currently pushing on his natal Neptune creating a strong focus on this and so we will see more over the next few days and then Mercury will bring it back to the fore as events present a lack of logical thinking and problems explaining what is happening by those in the administration. Also transiting Saturn and Pluto are effecting his natal Saturn which is creating a cold-heartedness, tendency to violence, a fanatical adherence to ones principles once they have been adopted such that he is creating a martyr in his mind as a person who is prevents by others from reaping the success due to him as the result of hard work, self destructive energy, loss of ones fortune/possession or in this case,  his legacy]

Other combinations give a pursuit of ambitious aims with a revolutionary spirit and flexible thinking but a desire for cultivation of a social life (parties in the White House and fundraising) while the world falls apart reduces the impact that this could have.

There is also a tendency to loose oneself in illusion, a lack of good taste, indecision, uncertainty, seducible character (Venus/Neptune/MH)

An inclination to live in an unreal world with plans beyond what can be reasonable, a great loss.  There is also a strong desire for power, personal advancement with an inclination to deceive others, to cheat and to seduce people. A general sense of disappointment, suffering damage or loss thru others without being aware of it. (Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto).

Impatience and fanaticism, one-sidedness, violence, precipitate action and the mania of destruction.  (Uranus/Pluto/ASC)

Finally transiting Mars is at his natal Mars but due to the lack of any Mars energy in the Washington ASH chart at best we will see an expectation of something strong/powerful happening only to see a weak response occur.  It is a perfect view of Putin vs Obama…and sadly Obama has been left looking like a weak, powerless, out of control, delusional man.

Next up….the DONALD….lets see what he is made of!

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