Donald Trump, the Candidate

Ok, sometimes one reads a chart and is surprised to see what is there but here is the first chart that made me say YES!  As a note…after I did the Donald’s chart I did George Washington’s and that one made me say WOW! and I will put his up as well.  That was a tremendous chart to read.  But back to the DONALD.  Here is his ASH chart.  Someone asked me why I put the charts up when most don’t know how to read them.  Well easy….to prove that what I am writing is really there and that I am not making this stuff up.  And sometimes it is so close that you would think I am. 

Donal Trump in Manhattan

The DONALD as most would say is a very simple man, he has only one TCD in his ASH chart…

Pluto on the MH and boy does it say a lot. This gives the will or wish to exercise power, manifestation of unconscious powers (very strong in his chart), ruthless frankness or candidness, the urge to influence the masses, propagandist aspirations and objective, understanding of the masses. which can lead to ruthless force or coercion, inclination to incite, a fanatical zeal to state ones own doctrinal principles, to agitate.  in MH: the desire to become important, the growth and development of strength. The power to attain success in life, the ability to organize, prudence, visions, authority. Seen in persons who are said to exercise magical influence over the masses, such as a propagandist, actors, public speakers, politicians and in people excelling in their particular profession or occupation, experts of great authority in their particular field.  in Leo giving strongly dynamic urges or forces in emotional spheres, the tendency to speculate, desire to exercise ones power, rule by force, extraordinary achievements in a special field.

Helpers in NYC:

Moon/Jupiter and Moon/Mars are questioned due to the lack of time of birth but they are pertinent so are included:

Moon/Jupiter: feeling of happiness, kindness or good heart, benevolence, a social conscience, an obliging nature, popularity, generosity which can create indifference, negligence, unpopularity, injustice, rebellion.

Moon/Mars: excitement, impulsiveness, actions directed by unconsciousness, strong will intensified by feeling and a forceful/purposeful nature. with Pallas giving an understanding of patterns of action, having a battle plan, have a plan of attack while keeping peace in mind, deferring to others via delegation and listening to input, negotiating in times of war, military strategy.

Mars/Asc: fighting spirit, prone to accidents, tendency to force ones will on others, ability to lead others or guide resolutely.

Pluto/Jupiter/MH: Ambition, industriousness, desire to succeed as manager, advantages and promotions, great luck

Mars/Uranus: a sudden application of effort, extraordinary and unusual amount of energy made available for a purpose quite suddenly, urge for freedom and independence, trait of neither to be subdued nor yield to other peoples will (extreme stubbornness), determination, courage. which can make one argumentative, inclined to contradict others and a fighting spirit.

Jupiter/Uranus/ASC: optimism, ability to shape ones environment according to ones own ideas, shared happiness with others or a partner

Saturn/Mars: harmful or destructive energy, endurance, power of resistance, the more energy the more difficulties over come or the more difficulties the more energy available. (he has a deep resource of energy that he does pull from for success)

Mercury/Neptune/ASC: a presentment of coming events, power of imagination, sympathetic and compassionate understanding with regards to people, intuitive thinking, grasp of the most subtle and attenuated correlations or relationships on ASC: tendency to open oneself to influence from others, deceived or harmed by others with Node: giving the ability to enter into associations with other people, power to connect, imaginative elements or factors with each other, discussion of joint plans and ideas.

Uranus/Neptune giving development and growth of sub-conscious powers, inner vision, inspiration, long journeys, contacts with foreign countries, elimination of waking consciousness, at MH: mourning, dissolution.  [JFK had this in his chart and I would warn against possible assassination attempts but it is also indicative of a person with ability to deal with foreign countries]

Moon/Neptune/MH: ability to feel and understand others troubles sympathetically, a refined sensitive, inspired character, gripped by forebodings.  [the Donald needs to accept that his intuition about events should be listened to.  This was present in JFKs chart and there was likely a sense of trouble before the Dallas trip]

If the American people want to shake up Washington with someone who will be able to change things…the DONALD is the man.  He will also be able to influence world events and have the inner strength to back it up.  He also knows the value of putting the right people in the right position and of delegation and listening and has success as a manager/businessman.  There are those in the media and government who would be completely against him as they will have one who is willing to fight for the ones he was elected by and it will not be politics as usual.  Give’em hell DONALD. 

Next up: Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.

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