11-22-1963 A fateful day for a country and a man

Much has been written about the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.  This not meant to be a rehash of old information but a determination of whether the event would have been foretold by ASH and what it tells us.  We will start with the actual event in Dallas.

ASH chart:

Day of Kennedy Assassination 11-22-1963

In doing an ASH evaluation one set of assumptions is made for the locality of the place of the actual events, the Ascendant represents those acted upon and the MH is the attacker/actor. In this case it is very clear that this is a correct assumption.  Looking at the planet positions and locations we find the Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Pluto on the ASC of Dallas.  This represents the husband and wife (JFK and the First Lady) with Jupiter showing shared happiness and yet Pluto giving a separation.  These would be those acted against.  On the MH which represents the attacker we have Merc/Venus/Mars/Node giving one involved in controversies, a fighter who brings about disputes who is “quarreling with the community”.  This would represent the “lone shooter” in Lee Oswald.  In the general planet placements we also have a Uranus/Neptune/Ceres interaction that represents the elimination of a waking consciousness, losses and major death.  Just by the planets placement by ASH one could have seen that the day was to be a fateful one.

When we look at the TCDs we find that Mercury, Venus and Saturn were at the MH giving one who worked for the advancement of ones career for the love of what they were doing and creating a struggle or loss.  This suggest that Lee Oswald was doing the act not out of some simple purpose but for an advancement.  One would ask “in what group” but this also suggest that he was not a “lone gunman” as most in the government put forth. 

On the Ascendant we have a Jupiter TCD which gave the suffering caused by the environment, disadvantages and separation and a soul torn from inner conflict.  The perfect definition of what JFK and the First Lady experienced.

And on the Latitude we have Ceres TCD giving a force of major destruction.

The helpers for the day were not much help:

On the Ascendant we have the following which then applies to the peoples of the locale:

Moon/Sat/ASC giving bereavement and mourning (this is present twice in the chart suggesting a very powerful force to events) with Mercury/Uranus/Asc giving accidents and injuries, motor damage, revolutionary spirit and the power to influence people.

On the MH we have the following which applies to the attacker:

Moon/Neptune/MH showing crisis in life caused by laziness with Saturn/Pluto/MH giving a tendency to violence and finally Node/Pluto/MH showing associations influencing the life and causing setbacks.  [Oswald was a member of the communist part in the US]

For the latitude which puts both the energies together is the Sun/Saturn giving karma returning/separation from one work silently or in solitude with Saturn/Moon giving psychiatric depression creating the separation from wife.

So one would have known that Dallas was in for a major disastrous event which would involve a man and his wife, a psychiatric person who had broken and was performing the act for a kind of advancement and that the end result would be a separation of the couple.  But that is always easier to see in hindsight…but interesting that this is what the ASH chart shows. 

Would they have known this in Washington DC?  Lets see:

ASH Chart:

Kennedy in Washington

The first thing to look at is the Sun TCD in Latitude as well as the Pluto TCD in Latitude which gives an official, civil servant, leading personality, father, authority, vitality and politician (Pluto) with Mercury TCD on the MH showing the intellectual mind (likely President) and Pallas on MH as the public interaction. 

The helpers:

The events effects:

Sun/Saturn with Ceres showing karma, separation/lack of vitality or clearly death of the authority as represented by the Sun TCD.

Venus/Uranus giving unfaithfulness, romantic love inclinations.  [it is well known that JFK was a womanizer and that if his presidency had continued it would have become general public knowledge.

Mars/Pluto giving the misfortune to suffer violent assaults.

Uranus/Pluto showing a process of transformation, revolution, collapse of old with construction of new.

For the President:

Moon/Neptune at MH giving a crisis in life, gripped by foreboding, lack of stability, lying, telling untruths.

Saturn/Pluto on MH giving a cruelty, tendency to violence or a martyr, cold-heartedness and loss. 

Venus/Uranus on MH giving someone well liked and engaging.

Mars/Uranus on MH giving someone peculiar disposition, one lost in illusion.

Now  Washington itself was being influenced by Neptune/Pluto on ASC giving a place with a peculiar environment, falsehoods and frauds with Mercury/Pallas giving intellectuals and Neptune/Ceres showing a disaster.

Note that the shooters identity is not determined until it is placed in Dallas but one can see that something was up from Washington DC chart and that the day would prove important. Just how important is determined by the President which is represented by the MH of Washington DC.  On 11/22/1963 the following was effecting JFKs natal ASH chart:

ASH chart:

Kennedy Birth and Death

The last weeks of November saw transiting Pluto effecting JFKs natal Pluto, while transiting Saturn was effecting the natal Mars giving destroyed vitality/cases of death and with transiting Mars effecting both the natal Venus and Node showing that there were deep feelings of love for this President at the time.

There are other features of the natal that are not covered just the ones that played out in Dallas.

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