To Russia with Hate, a notice from ISIS?

On Halloween, the most terrifying day of the year for most with the presence of ghost, goblins and other sundry person’s came a true horror for civilization.  When a plane goes down it is not just those on the plane that suffer but the world.  In todays age, plane travel is as common as other forms of transportation but unlike driving you put your safety into others hands.  And a terrorist to make the largest statement strikes at that faith.  That is what appears to have happened in Sharm El Sheikh on 10/31/2015. 

The stage for events was set with the Sun Trine Neptune late in the evening of 10/30/2015.  The focus of events was directed into the Middle East and Russia. 

Here are the ASH charts for Sharm El Sheikh (flight origination) and St Petersburg (flight destination): 

Sharm El Sheikh plane crash 10-30-15  St Petersburg in Plane crash 10 31 2015

What do these show?

For St Petersburg, Russia the presence of Neptune and Mercury on both the MH and ASC via TCD (total and complete destruction) suggest that a suicide bomber with ties to the St Petersburg area is responsible.  The MH in ASH is the attacker while the ASC is the local itself.  Let look at the MH first:

The Attacker:   Neptune @ MH with Mercury: gives insecurity from people with utopian ideas with a tendency to think on the wrong lines, wrong perceptions and objectives, who accept others influence in ones thinking. and Saturn: creating suffering from the consequences of wrong actions. 

The locale:  Neptune @ ASC with Mercury gives an impressionable person with the inability to maintain ones position in the world with the Sun giving the misfortune to be exploited or harmed physically and the misfortune to deceive oneself with regards to other peoples character or a tendency to exploit other peoples weakness.

The Helpers:

Saturn/Node shows a community expressing grief, mourners attending a funeral with isolation and inhibitions in unions or associations.

Mercury/Moon: thinking influenced by feeling and represents journeys or travels. (Flight)

Sun/Moon/MH: creates dissatisfaction and ensuing difficulties, frand and open behavior towards other persons

So for Russia, it is an event that reveals a difficulty with their international security and an issue with a terrorist with ideals in conflict with that security. (note the Russian attacks in Syria against ISIS as possible cause for the desired attack)

For Sharm El Sheikh where Neptune is on the MH along with the Sun and Mercury.  This configuration shows weakness, self deception, plans without the ability to carry them out with Mercury giving little intelligence, lack of logical thinking, deceptions or illusions. on the MH gives weakness, negative outlook and mental or emotional stress.  

Moon TCD giving a carefree attitude or easy going attitude, moodiness

This suggest that an improper attitude towards security at the airport might have allowed events to occur.  Maybe a belief that security was good enough or that a suicide bomber could not get onboard or that it could not occur there.

The Helpers:

Moon/Jupiter: indifference, negligence, injustice, inner conflict with regard to ones outlook on life and the world in general and with regard to religious matters, rebellion or opposition.

Saturn/Neptune: (very strong in this chart) with suffering, renunciation creating a struggle between the lower and the higher nature, frequent change in moods, distrust, insecurity, dissatisfaction. on MH: emotional suffering, state of illness, wavering between materialistic and idealistic inclinations.

Moon/Mars/Uranus/Ceres at ASC: gave an event imbued with a fighting spirit, violence, fighters for freedom, revolutionaries with the moon providing the energy or power or desire to achieve something very big, ambition possibly by a woman.

As this was the worse air disaster for Russia and is likely due to an act of violence from an ISIS affiliated person as ISIS has claimed credit although authorities have disallowed it, the energy suggest that it might in fact be a woman suicide bomber with ties to ISIS and St Petersburg who was encouraged by a belief that it was right.  One would wonder if security was lax in Sharm El Sheikh and they did not detect the presence of explosive materials or components which allowed the plane to be destroyed.  There is little evidence of a missile explosion except the Mar/Uranus/Ceres configuration.  This could be the indicator that it was fired from the ground but with the other forces present it is more likely an explosion from inside the plane.   How to find these before hand….although it is easy to see after events occur….at this point in the nascent stage of ASH, the ability to find events before hand is still exceptionally difficult. 

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