Warren Buffett, the true Sage of Omaha?

In our continued evaluation of Traders, we approach Warren Buffett.  But given what I am going to write below I would change the term from TRADER to INVESTOR.  Warren Buffett does not truly trade nor use much technical chart analysis going by his ASH chart.

His chart: ( using a standard 12:00 GMT for birth as real time is unknown.  This removes Moon from consideration on the TCD which is there)

Warren Buffett in Omaha

Mercury TCD gives a good grasp or understanding of subjects, sound judgment, critical ability, dexterity in expression and writing, mediation, diplomacy, analysis, general intellectual ability seen in intellectual workers, tradesmen, agents, mediators.  in Libra giving creative thinking within patterns already in existence, teamwork, adaptability, good powers of comparison, sense of justice, form and beauty, good manners, tactful mediation.  at Asc: giving an ability for forming thoughts about other people, definite or determine ones own position with regards to others, exchange of ideas, good with documents and letters.  with Mars: giving a desire for discussion, willingness to negotiate with others, inclination to lay an emphasis on ones own ideas or thoughts, urge to attain success, realization of plans with the help of others.  with Moon: search for inner contact with others, judgment base on ones personal feelings and findings.

Mars TCD: giving will power, active energy, determination and enjoyment of work and fighting, urge to do something, motivated. in Cancer makes on subject to moods, impulsiveness, instincts are strong.  at MH: makes one ready for action and an ability to make decisions, being conscious of ones aims in life, independence, power to succeed in ones career, organizing ability, prudence, resolute and determined personality, people in leading positions, Organizers.  with Sun: power of attainment, a strong will and desire to attain success, ability to procure the power for giving orders to others, overcoming obstacles or resistance.

Saturn TCD: giving concentration, consolidation, perseverance, seriousness, an ability to learn from experience. in Capricorn: making one self restraint, strong willed, concentration, industry, economy, diplomacy, slow but sure advancement, egocentric nature.

There are lost of helpers in the ASH chart for Warren above an beyond those gifts listed above.

Mercury/Mars makes him resolute, determined with a love of discussion and agreement and an ability to judge, quick at repartee. Impressive speaking ability. and the achievement of success thru spirit of enterprise.

Venus/Jupiter gives a warm heart and grace, tact and an attractive personality who is popular with others.  exceptional sense of good form. and an ability to show gladness when meeting others. (good PR person)

Sun/Jupiter gives good health, morals with an urge to climb socially and striving for possessions.  with node gives the desire to strive for mutual  and shared happiness

Uranus/Saturn gives the ability to pull thru situations and suffer the difficulties with others.

Node/Jupiter gives a sense of tact and advantageous associations with associated gains in business.  at MH gives a likability by others in associations thru demonstration of ability and common interest.

Pallas/Saturn gives an ability to work in set patterns.  No free thinking here but with Uranus can understand the influence on chaos on the big picture.

Jupiter/Saturn/Mars/Moon gives endurance and power of resistance. although depressions/fatigue could be an issue at times.

So who is Warren Buffett?  A fundamentals investor who likes to communicate with people to gather information and contacts, shares the gain in associations (Berkshire Hathaway), he can draw information from written documents and letters and can draw his own judgments and determinations about issues and act accordingly.  He is a moral character with a warm heart who is tactful and a good speaker.  He perseveres thru downturns and truly believes in his own abilities and the harder the times the more energy he has to deliver.  One can only hope that one of those considered for taking over the helm at Berkshire Hathaway has the same configuration.

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