Jessie Livermore….was it just luck?

In our review of traders we turn to Jessie Livermore who was known as the Boy Plunger (stock crashes) and Great Bear of Wall Street.  He was born in Massacheutts in 7/26/1877 (time of birth unknown, used standard 12:00GMT for time). 

Starting out as an office boy and trading “bucket shops” and moving up to the NYSE and Commodities (Grains, Wheat, Cotton)

His end came at his own hand with a revolver.  He had been suffering from depression and described himself as a failure. 

Now using these two facts lets look at his life:

His ASH chart:

Jessie Livermore in NYC

From the ASH chart:

Moon TCD @ Asc: As time of birth is unknown we will take lightly the Moon TCD although we will include it here. This gave a mothering instinct, prudence, sense of form and memory, wealth of ideas, harmonious behavior in presence of others. Mother/wife is important in life and influential.

Neptune TCD: Receptivity, imagination, sensitivity, dreamy nature, mysticism which can give lack of planning ability and lack of clarity, and people with negative outlook on life, tricksters.  In Taurus gave a moody person of good taste with creative designing, sense of shape or form, tact, and a strange source of income. 

Ceres TCD: a lack of early nurturing or erratic nurturing creating feelings of abandonment and difficulty in intimate relationships later in life.   At MH: gives a career related to foods/clothing/nurturing.

It is pertinent that his greatest success came when trading grains/cotton. The Neptune and Ceres played a major part of his career and success but a few other points really helped as well:

Moon/Uranus: gave an attentiveness to detail as shown in his ability to “read the tape”. Acting according to instinct, self willed but prone to states of excitement.

Mercury/Venus: gave a sense of form and design, intellect influenced by feeling, artistic genius and inspiration which inclined one to pleasure, luxury and squandering and light hearted living. But also gave an ability to establish social contacts, tact and discretion.  This was evident in his ability to get a “stake” for the market from others but also the tendency to live to the point of having “millions” in debt.

Jupiter/Saturn: gave him the patience, perseverance, industry and desire for possessions but did create a discontentment but an ability to learn from previous difficulties (setting up an annuity to protect his family from poverty after going bankrupt).  Pessimism and an insecure attitude towards others.

Jupiter/Node: a harmonious nature and relationship to others, and good luck in finding partners. (Many times a partner was the source of funds).

Pallas/Uranus: gave a strong understanding of patterns related to chaos and an understanding of how it impacted the big picture.  knowing how patterns effect people, technology, strategy for rebellion, planning a coup, making peace with unpredictability, perceiving patterns. He was known as a great tape reader and made his fortunes and name with the 1907 and 1929 crashes. Uranus is also tied to his moon as above which gave him the attentiveness to the details.  with Jupiter gave a noble and find soul, striving for success but changes in the style of living.  It also gave a lucky hand in ventures, ability to utilize the right moment, sudden success, recognition and fortunate adjustment to circumstances. 

Moon/Merc/Saturn/Pluto/Ceres: gave an active mind, good judgment, an ability to adjust ones thinking to new conditions or circumstances but a tendency to think gloomy thoughts. 

Venus/Neptune/Node: person easily influenced, good taste but uncertain, indecision, seducible character, unstable existence and changing occupations.  Livermore lost many fortunes usually by breaking his own rules or listening to others. 

When we look at the date of his death we find that Ceres (destruction)/Saturn/Jupiter are effecting his natal Neptune (TCD & most powerful planet for Jessie and responsible for the mental issues he fought with).  Pluto is also transiting his natal Sun.  The suicide was not a spur of the movement event.  One sees that there were periods of gloom/doom and other mental issues before the actual event.

My interpretation of Jessie Livermore is a person capable of seeing forms and patterns in the chaos of the ticker tape who had the flexibility of mind to take advantage of the sudden change in trend/direction of the market.  This is brought out by the ability to make money in the bucket shops where chaos reigned.  As he learned and gained experience, he was able to then take the knowledge to the established markets but when he needed to build a stake he was able to move back to the riskier trading and get ahead.  He also had the luck as brought by being able to see the moment of opportunity and grasp it.  He did have a prudent side but did enjoy luxury. His downfall came about from the likely mental issues he had from the effect of Neptune being powerful in the ASH for NYC. 

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