I want to be like Gann! But who was he?

In any field of work we look to those who have made a success at it and desire to emulate them as best as we can.  Well few would argue with a man who supposedly made millions in the stock market in the early 1900’s.  But how did he do it?  What were his gifts? 

To answer those questions we utilized WD Gann’s ASH chart (Applied Spherical Harmonics) to look inside the man when he lived in New York City and traded.

Here is his ASH chart:

WD Gann in NYC 2

What do we find?  Our investigation begins in the lower left area in what is called the TCD area.  These are points of Total and Complete Destruction where the planets noted have total impact on a person and their behavior/personality.  Gann had a few things going for him living in NYC:

Jupiter TCD: The urge to expand or extend, enlargement, ownership or possession, satisfaction, harmony, justice, constructive inclinations, optimism, a social sense, moral and religious aspirations, the faculty to survey the whole. In Aquarius: Humanitarianism, hopefulness, wealth of plans, sociability, knowledge of human behavior.  Seen in officials, civil servants, judiciary, wealthy persons, people of religious or moral character, fortune hunters.  Misuse can lead to disharmony, injustice, quarrelsome, anti-social conduct.

Pallas TCD: gives strong pattern recognition, tactical vision with Ascendant increasing the pattern recognition.  Seen in artist, designers, or any work requiring imagination and pattern recognition.

Moon TCD: Mothering, sense of form, memory, prudence, traits as a whole. In Leo: intuitive and instinctive creativeness, self confidence, ambition, love of luxury, responsible positions  @ MH: great aspirations, desire to care for others.

From the above we can see that Gann would have from Jupiter a natural urge towards wealth (was not afraid of it) and a strong character.  From Pallas, a very strong ability to recognize patterns which contributed to his ability to read the charts and develop a system that has become standard in the trading world of Technical Analysis and chart reading.  Remember this was not done in his time.  He was one of the innovators of the stock charting process. And from the Moon, the ability to create and teach and help others achieve their goals. This he did through courses and stock advisory services.

What else helped him along:

Venus/Node gave him a pleasant engaging personality, warm heart and a general love of humanity which would have helped in the tutoring of students and social contact development.

Mercury Jupiter Asc: made for a happy successful teamwork, organizing ability, a constructive intellect, wealth of ideas, sound common sense, active mind, learning or erudition in retirement.  Seen in Businessmen, scientist and orators.

Mars with Moon and Venus gave a strong will intensified by feeling, forceful nature with an inclination to act by feeling, frankness, openness, severe judge of oneself and others and a desire to create/shape and mold. This would allow him to see inside himself and realize those parts of himself and others that would prevent success at trading.

Saturn/Mars/Asc: gave the necessary endurance, power of resistance, concentrated energy, hardness, harshness and looking out for one’s own interest. Advancement in life took a great effort with obstacles caused by others, necessity to economize.  This is likely the source of the traders discipline which allowed him to control the “feelings” and apply the rules that he utilized in his trading. 

Sun/Uranus gave the necessary originality, concentration upon an aim, far seeing mind, love of freedom, and tendency to strive for reform, innovation that allowed him to develop his system as a trader and ability to see the charts in the future and forecast.

Jupiter/Neptune/Asc: Contributed a richness of feeling and expression, active intense imagination, enjoyment of molding things and an interest in the metaphysical world.  It gave a tendency to speculate and gain without effort.  This would help bring the success as a trader as he did.

Sun/Mars/MH: gave a tendency to do ones work for the love of it.  Attainment of success in life and character of a fighter.  although Saturn gave difficulties in his profession and as a husband.

Sun/Saturn/MH: Firmness, decisiveness, perseverance, seclusion, modesty. 

Moon/Venus/Uranus/Neptune/ASC gave the faculty to see through people, restlessness, self-willed, yet harmonious, and associations with women.

Merc/Node/Pluto: gave a desire to be spokesman for community, dominate over others as seen in the attainment of the 33rd degree Mason, Astrological Board member.

In Summary:

By the above we can see that Gann utilized the gifts given by the ASH chart in NYC to become a success.  If one was to meet him today we would expect to meet a modest gentlemen with a warm smile who could see thru to the person below with an ability to help that person as a teacher.  He would be a harsh taskmaster but caring as to ones success.  He would have an air of generosity but concentration and a sharp mind able to see patterns that one would normally miss.

This is not an interpretation of his full natal.  Just that part of the natal as it applies to the person who lived in NYC.  There is more to learn from the natal but the over all psychological picture is here as well as those parts of his natal that he used to become the successful trade that he was.  From the above we can see that he did utilize those parts of his chart available to him in NYC.  Do you need the same type of chart to become successful.  Not really but one does need to be able to see where ones strength lies and where your weakness are to become successful.  Our next trader evaluation will be Jessie Livermore and the chart is very different that Gann’s.  Yet both were successful traders.

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