Ottawa’s Capitulation to Islam

Yesterday saw the election of Justin Trudeau, a pro-Islamic politician to the Prime Ministers position in Canada.  One wonders about the dynamics that brought such a dramatic change to the peoples of Canada.  There have been many warning events but here is one.

On 10/22/2014, nearly a year ago, the parliament of Ottawa was attacked in a what was  called a lone terrorist attack by an Islamic extremist.  Here is the ASH chart for that day:

Ottawa Parliment attack 10-22-2014

If one looks at the chart you would say not much going on.  But that would not be correct.  Note the following:

Mars TCD @ MH: Fighters, bearers of arms in Sagittarius who need to convince others of one’s own ideas.

Mars/Uranus PAL @ MH denoting Violent people, fighters for freedom, revolutionaries giving a struggle for survival. with Pluto Force Violent interventions. with Sun: a person able to act quickly, adapt to new circumstances in life, injury.

Sun/Neptune/Venus @ ASC: A weak, sick, persons; chaotic conditions with Venus: aberrations in love or weakly constitution.

Mars/Sun/Saturn at Latitude: Obstructed manifestation of vitality, pessimism, weakness, in activity. Defeat in a fight or contest, suffering or worries of husband (government).

These are opposing each other and if we consider that the terrorist is placed at the MH as it was his day and the peoples of Ottawa were on the ASC we see a general weakness to the people who can be exploited by others.  It only took a year but the peoples of Canada were defeated and bent to the will of one lone extremist…or was he really “ALONE”.

So what happened yesterday, 10/20/2015: (Influenced by Sun/Neptune aspect on 10/18/2015)

Ottawa elections 10-19-2015

Neptune TCD on ASC: People with a negative outlook in life who are easily influenced by others, persons of doubtful character, crooks or tricksters. in Pisces with pathological tendencies and inclinations, Pessimism. [Is surrender to Islam the answer to fighting the Islamic desire for a western Caliphate?]

Venus TCD on ASC: Sexual aberration, sentimentality, heedlessness in Virgo where the dictates of the heart are suppressed by practical considerations, indecision and the striving for moral purity. [Did the attack really convince the peoples of Canada that the national values embraced are wrong or are they just being heedless to the risk of Islam in the West?]

Moon TCD on MH: Repressed motherliness, love of comfort, impressionability, a care-free attitude, moodiness

Ceres TCD on MH: Ceres is found in times where there is issues with religion, Great mother, women and protection.

These TCDs are in conflict with each other and suggest that by the pessimism of the peoples of Canada and their desire for the easy solution, there will be a significant period of time where their very way of life is going to be changed.  

What else is effecting the outcome?

Saturn/Uranus/Mercury/Pluto on MH @ Lat: Kicking against tutelage, the tendency to cause unrest within ones environment, the limitations of freedom with Mercury: making great demands on ones energy, necessary changes. on MH: rebellion, provocation and the act of separating oneself from others. with Pluto: an act of violence or brutality, harm thru force majeure.

So did Canada just make a wise decision or did it just fool itself into thinking that keeping the peace was more important that their way of life.  Only time will tell.

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