Lecce Italy, Surt Libya, Faya Chad, & NYSE traders; Keep your heads up tomorrow

10/22/2015 Update:

Yesterdays forecast came about but in a slightly different spot: Brezice Slovenia at 45.9 N, 15.59 E.  The latitude focus was pulled upwards by Saturn and its PED aspects to the Mars/Uranus event somewhat North of the expected 40N position. Mars is present at the Asc and MH of the locale giving the focus as well.


Brezice Slovenia Migrants burn tents 10 22 15

Another attack in Trollhattan Sweden occurred with near opposite positioning yet all the players are still present. 


Trollhattan Sweden school attack


I am working on putting out early warnings about events and so here goes.  Lecce, Surt and Faya need to be aware that there is a possibility of a violent/destructive event 10/22/2015 as the Mars/Uranus event occurs overhead.  This is magnified due to the general localities “going on about my business” attitudes that are present.  Wake up please.  There are wolves among the sheep.


The other areas are still under watch for events:

The North Platte (Nebraska) area needs to be careful about their business.  There might be an accident but thankfully you will be able to handle it but it could bring in the environmentalist who would like nothing better than to tie you in knots.

Pittsburgh’s best are likely going to have a rough but successful day with a sick, lonely, ill person being the focus of the day. 

Women should be extra careful tomorrow as Mars and Uranus are tying up the energy so be diligent.

UPDATE:  Due to a Software and Operator error this correlation of the Markets to the Mars/Uranus event was wrong!!!

To those in the Markets…the NYSE is going to get a shakeup tomorrow…so beware of the reserve and taciturnity of the markets and the general distrust as events bring doubts to the fore as they relate to what appears to be a legal or corporate headquarters movement/dissolution announcement that shakes the markets.  Agriculture/Mining/Oil/Real Estate areas are especially sensitive.

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