A Look at History: DeKalb NIU Shooting

As we have seen before in a post we learn a lot when we investigate those pieces of humanity that go beyond the norm.  In this case we are asking what caused it and why there. 

The key facts:  NIU is in the Chicago area and was the location for a shooting on 2/14/2008,  S.K (our shooter for identification sake only) was born 8/26/1980.


Here are the Natal and ASH chart:

DeKalb Shooters chartDeKalb Shooting 2-14-08

On 2/14/2008 (16:67 GMT) the Sun was trine Mars (25 Aqu/25 Gem).  We find that Mars was the planet that anchored events to Chicago that day.  It was by ASH located on the Ascendant, the Mid-Haven, and Latitude of Chicago.  When you get a 3 point triangulation of energy at a point you know that something is going to happen and this triangulation came from Mars so not good at all.  Mars was also a TCD for that location that day.

So what did this aspect tell Chicago was up to play out that day?

  • Sun tri Mars: fighter, intellectual fighter, violence.
  • Mars @ M-H: character of the fighter
  • Mars @ Asc: teamwork ;  with Venus and Moon: strong emotional impulses, an early desire for marriage or Moon/Venus/Mars: actions are caused by feelings. or Venus/Mars/Moon:

It is Valentine’s Day and the emotional energy of that day is reflected in the energy playing out although with Mars on the MH and ASC it would prove to be a bit much.  Interestingly the “teamwork” noted in the Mars @ the Ascendant was attributed to prior planning and preparation which was done after the Virginia Tech shooting months earlier.  Also the team work was noted as a reason for lower loss of life.

So how did this play into an individual (SK).  When we look at his birth chart a wide array of mental disorder issues come to the fore but briefly:

Saturn TCD @ Asc: gave the tendency to feel hindered & depressed, suffering from limited or poor conditions and circumstances, the inability to develop the right way giving seclusion from the outside world. Also vindictive from being pushed around.

  • Saturn in Virgo gives mental illness with sorrows in first half of life (poor mothering situation bad tie to Ceres) gloomy, depressed and easily discouraged.
  • Occupants and inmates of secluded establishments: mental health commitment for a year and job as a prison guard.
  • with Venus and Neptune: depressing environment, separation caused thru disagreements.

Merc TCD @ MH: creates ones own individual outlook:  It was noted in the investigation report that SK pursued jobs and education to allow him to understand himself.  Vocational changes, thinking a lot about things, self knowledge.  Motor-Nerve centers of brain. Jobs and education as Prison guard, social worker.

Node TCD @ Latitude: giving lack of adaptability, anti-social conduct, incompatibility and being in Leo giving with a love of pomp, wastefulness and big parties.

Ceres@ MH: gives a career nurturing others (Social worker degree from NIU the previous year), with parents disagreeing about upbringing, and enjoyment of being mothered and mothering.

Other Aspects that shaped him:

Neptune in Sagittarius @ MH: gave a loose grip on the world, with oversensitive emotions, psychical states.

Venus @ Asc: personable but when you cant get what you want to become aggressive and demanding.  Everything has to stop until your wishes are satisfied and with Venus in cancer there is strong affections for mother (who was problematic), obstacles in marriage, love of home/education.

When we look at the planets positions on 2/14/2008 we find that Saturn is transiting his Mars and has just finished passing over a Sun/Mercury combust in his chart.  We also find that Mercury is affecting his node.

Sat(t)@Mars(n)@ Merc(n) @ Sun(n) @Venus (n)gave the greatest clue:

  • Sat/Mars/Merc: Murderers, news of bereavement, mourning
  • @ Sun showing death of male population.
  • @ Venus: death of female population,
  • @ Jupiter giving ability to do it quickly and the ability to destroy something completely.
  • @Moon: a mood or fit of depression, death of female sex.

Positional aspects:

  • Merc Sq Saturn: Incompatibility, unrest, desire to quarrel, treat others badly, bring about a separation by force.
  • Uranus/Neptune: sudden release of tensions
  • Node/Neptune/Mercury: secret arrangements with others, to deceive others.

In the month before when others were noting that his behavior was changing SK was under the pressure of Saturn on the Sun/Mercury combust in his chart which gave a process of parting or farewell.  The guns used in the event were purchased 12/30/07 and 2/9/08 so this was not a spontaneous outburst but one slowly planned.  The investigators never “found” a motive but I would suggest that given the day, Valentine’s, the farewell writing to the girlfriend and the presence of a wedding ring in her had during police interviews suggest that a bit of “love scorned” might have been perceived by SK if he had in fact asked for marriage and she delayed in answering.  And as he valued “mothering/love union” he took the frustration out on others.  That is just a thought after studying the other areas of his chart that I have not brought up here.

The one thing of note about the event is that it happened so fast that by the time first responders arrived…there was dead silence in the room.  He had already finished the task.

My thoughts: Now one often cannot tell events before they happen, nor can the severity of events be known, nor by whom it will be done.  But knowing that Mars had distinct focus on a locale with a charge from the Sun would allow a heighten state of alert, and if anyone could have studied his chart when he was admitted to a mental facility as a teen, maybe, just maybe someone could have intervened and helped keep the lid on the powder keg that his chart shows him to be.  And maybe, just maybe knowing that at the age of 27 Saturn would transit his Mars raising the possible specter of cases of death…a closer watch could have been kept.

A few post ago I showed what happened when Mars transited my Saturn…now the energy was reversed here but “death” is something to watch for.  Especially when it focuses so strongly into an event chart.

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