To Die or Not To Die?

One always wonders at events that leave someone behind while taking others.  10 years ago I was the subject of such an event.  I hit my head at 10 miles per hour without a helmet in a freak sudden accident.  Over the course of time I have come to know of 12 people who suffered a fate worse than mine….they died, I didn’t.  This has always amazed me and here is the answer.  Death was just a few planets away.

I have redacted the most personal of information but left enough to show that this is real and to those that know me they can attest to the fact I experienced a brain injury.

If you look at the chart you will see red markings which indicate the negative energy that created the fall:  Transiting Mars was conjunct my Natal Saturn with a Paran square thru the PAL calculation which means my natal Saturn was afflicted by a Mars/Saturn transit.  This transiting configuration was located on the Ascendant of my place of residence which ties to my natal mars and natal Uranus.  So not only a natal tie but a locale tie.  And Uranus was thrown in for good measure with Mars/Saturn/Uranus thru the ascendant of my home town.

Head injury correlatons

In my natal chart, Saturn is a major planet via a TCD (total and complete destruction point) or a point where Saturn has a powerful rulership type of effect.  Negative states for Saturn tie to injuries to the bony structure and its hardening up.  In this case thankfully my head was hard and didn’t fracture although my shoulder did as it took part of the impact. Natal Uranus played its part in the actual brain tissue injury.

So with this playing out what saved me from a fate worse than a bad memory and headaches?  The blue lines show those.  There was a Jupiter/Node/Pallas configuration which was conjunct my natal Jupiter.  Now the first time Jupiter was hitting my natal Jupiter I sliced my fingers to the bone which created major issues as a physician.  Then a short time later, when the node transited Jupiter,  I experienced my first head injury.  Thankfully Mars and Saturn were no where around and so I recovered from both incidences in time.  I attribute the “save” to Pallas which is responsible for strength.  Interestingly the injury damaged the left side of my brain causing the right side of my brain to develop more giving me better creative intuition and pattern recognition, two things that Pallas has been attributed to as a ruler. Now without the ASH view one would never know how truly strong Mars hit my chart.  Initially it seemed that fate had worked out all on its own.  now I know that fate had a little helps….as it always does.

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