Oh Hillary! Damn that Email Server

It is often disconcerting to read some peoples charts as you find out things that they likely would not like the world to know.  Hence the reticence of many to reveal their birthday.  Not only women who would prefer to be 10 years younger than they are but those with things to hide.  But there is often a curiosity about “What is going on?” when you see public personas falling apart.  Lets give Hillary a once over and maybe some advice.

Hillary was born Oct 26, 1947 at 8:02 am in Chicago  at 41.85 N, –87.65 which gives a MH of 272.35, an Ascendant of 5.45 and Spherical Harmonics values of MH: 23.4 and Asc: 2.2.  And no, I am not revealing anything that I didn’t find online. So what does her chart show being born in Chicago.  Using Solar Fire for the astrological chart and the ASH software here is who Hillary was until she moved from Chicago.

Hillary Clinton Chicago NatalHillary Clinton Chicago ASH  Hillary Clinton Chappaqua NatalHillary Clinton Chappaqua ASH

Again using Reinhold Ebertin’s “The Combination of Stellar influences” for our interpretation so that consistency is present.

  • Moon TCD @ Asc: Disharmonious attitude towards other people, hypersensitive. A person who gets annoyed easily, disharmonic relationship with mother.
    • with Mars: moodiness, conflicts with female sex, ties with marriage partner.
    • with Neptune: Falsehood or Malice on part of women, deceptive ideas about women [Bimbo patrol with Bill]
    • with Mercury: desire for personal contacts, contacts or associations thru LETTER WRITING.
    • with Jupiter: a communal or social sense.  [It Takes a Village book]
  • Jupiter TCD @ Latitude: excessive desire to be of importance to world, a disharmonious attitude to other persons. in Sagittarius gives a noble character, far-reaching plans, love of justice, interest in foreign countries, wastefulness, speculation with a negative bend of injustice, quarrelsome, anti-social conduct, greed, materialistic attitude towards life. [This helped in the Secretary of State position but not in the Clinton Foundation area]
    • with Sun: prefers social contacts with generous or rich persons, an fortunate or influential association. [Clinton Foundation getting lots of money]
    • with Mars: Pleasant co-operation, favorable association [What woman would put up with Bill Clintons wandering…she would as it is a partnership not one of love]
  • Mars TCD @ Ascendant: a fighting or aggressive spirit with regards to others, a quarrelsome person, inclination to become violent physically. [reports of things being thrown in the White House were common]
  • Uranus TCD @ MH: Changing objectives or aims in life, emotional excitability, precipitate or premature action, unreliability, an irate temper.

Other Aspects that help shape her:

Sun @ Asc with Jupiter gives Hillary the ability to be a good companion who can gain trust and confidence, a social outlook, joint success and strong public recognition.

Jupiter sq Mercury @ latitude give failures thru dishonesty, negligence/clumsiness, fraud, exaggeration representations (bluffing), tactlessness, self conceit or arrogance.  As Hillary utilizes the Jupiter in her chart it is viable that this aspect comes to the fore so often that these qualities dominate her actions.

Mercury @ Asc: Tendency to criticize others, belittle and degrade them  with her moon giving her a tendency to judge according to her own personal feelings.

Venus sq Saturn: Emotional inhibitions, unsatisfied, hard heartedness with the node giving a coolness in love unions and with Mars: weakened powers of procreation, separation, dispute with spouse.

Mars sq Saturn: Demonstration of ones own interest in any enterprise or activity, cases of death, periods of impotence and weakness alternating with periods of brutal/ruthless progress and advancement in life. with Uranus giving the inclination to use brute force.

Mars @ MH with node gives the ability to integrate ones own individuality into the partner in work.  This is often noted that Hillary got Bill into the White House and now is expecting payback.

Venus sq Sun in Latitude: Pleasure seeking, luxury, everything is done for sake of external appearances and show without intrinsic or inner value.

So from this view Hillary is as she was born to be.  But what is happening to that great Jupiter Sun energy that has created success?  Well sorry to say that even Hillary is subject to the testing of the stars.  Hillary’s Jupiter/Mercury/Node are all under the pressure of a Saturn transit and it is killing the advancement that she has made in life.  It is damaging the element of trust and confidence that has helped her get where she is. And it also is creating the current scandals. Remember that Hillary has a Jupiter/Mercury aspect that gives contacts thru letter writing.  Well that is not going so good now.  Neither are all the others aspects that are supported by Mercury, Jupiter or the Node.  The bad characteristics are getting worse and the good have gone bad.  Hence the unending email scandal.

What advice could we have given Hillary when they left the White House.  Quite easily…don’t put the email server in the basement in Chappaqua as the locality change did not eliminate the impact of that Jupiter/Mercury aspect.  It did help give the illusion that Bill had changed into a loving partner, made you feel more loved but Jupiter lost its power thru the Sun and you have slowly lost as Saturn has arrived to give you lessons that most would prefer to avoid.

Also contributing to the Email issue is the recent Mars sq Saturn as it again increased the energy Saturn was putting on Jupiter/Mercury and the Node.  It might not be the best time to run for President.  The stars are against you.

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