Ankara Turkey Bombing

When events happen in the world many astrologers take to the charts to find the “reason” behind the events.  And in the process of trying to arrive at the nature of the events resort to contortionist angles and interpretations.  Over the past several years I have been developing a new type of Locality Astrology which incorporates the workings of Sepharial, Digby, McCrae and others yet maintains the elements of interpretation that all know.  Here is the first test.

On 9/26/2015 Mars squared Saturn.  In investigating this aspect I found a list of places that would be directly influenced by it either by association of Mid-Haven, Ascendant, Latitude or a combination of all.  A few of the recent news events that tie to this aspect are the Roseburg shooting, Hurricane Joaquin, Lesvos Greece riots and now Ankara.

How do all these places and events tie together?  It is through a new element of locational astrology that I call Spherical Harmonics of Astrology.  In this process the effects of planetary aspects are better localized to geography and using standard Astrological interpretation events can be fairly well described.

Let us begin with Ankara.

Ankara is located at approx. 40N, 32.86E (-2 EET) giving a latitude of 40N, Mid-Haven of 32.86 and an ascendant of 132.09.  This also gives a Spherical Harmonic value of 12.5 to the Mid-Haven and 17.2 to the Ascendant.

On Oct 10/2015 Ankara was struck by 2 suicide bombers at a Peace Rally.   (please read the article before continuing as the full correlation to the events will become evident)

So what do the charts say? Solar fire was used to generate a standard Astrological chart, the ASH software generated the ASH correlations and Jensen’s “Astro-Cycles”, and Reinhold Ebertin The Combination of Stellar Influences was used for interpretations.

Anakara Bombing Chart

Ankara Anchor eventAnkara ASH chart10/10/15 Sun CP Uranus;  with this aspect we find that Uranus and the Sun are on the Ascendant of Ankara via ASH.  Uranus deals with Reformers, rebels and revolutionist. The Sun deals with authority, Officials or civil-servants.  The aspect pitted the two against each other.  Uranus @ Ascendant/Latitude: the tendency to cause unrest to other people conjunct Sun: An environment which is full of danger.  Also: Sun @ Asc: Judgment of others from an intellectual standpoint, desire for public recognition, desire to become important.

9/26/2015 Mars sq Saturn with Mars on the Mid-Haven of Ankara presenting with fighters, bearer of arms with a craving for power and authority and a desire to willfully destroy in conflict with hard-working people with a strong sense of justice.  There was also playing out of the separation from ones native country and the desire to emigrate.  At this aspect Uranus was on the Ascendant with Mars on the Mid-haven square Saturn.  This configuration gives “violence, energy concentrated on separation, violent destruction.  Interestingly Uranus rules Railroads as per Jensen and the attack occurred at the Main rail station in Ankara.

The 9/26/2015 aspect was triggered on 10/10/2015 when the Sun aspected Uranus giving the “energy” for the events.

Other influences:

Venus @ MH: Vanity & conceit, loss of others sympathy thru demonstration of vanity (terrorist).  Is it not vain to think that ones religious beliefs are superior to another and should be adopted as law. (Islamic State)

Venus TCD: Vice, heedlessness  in Virgo: a loss of moral sense, the lack of moral purity

Jupiter @ Asc: an excessive desire to be of importance to the world in Virgo: for moral and ethical values.

Mars TCD @ Mid Haven cj Neptune: Ego conscious action by someone unable to gain recognition.

Venus sq Neptune in latitude: Renunciation, state of being unhappy/unsatisfied

Ceres @ Ascendant: destruction to people for religion

Saturn TCD @ Latitude: Inhibition, isolation, lack of adaptability from strong sense of justice, religious aspirations

Neptune TCD @ MH: the pursuit of wrong ideas conjunct mars: with the desire to hurt others with the desire to bring the wrong ideas into reality.

Saturn cj Moon @ Latitude with Neptune: feeling of inferiority with Venus: with the capability to renounce.

Venus @ MH with Mars: desire of establishment of relations (sexual or relations in general)

Note: Currently it is unknown which group did the bombing, the Kurds or ISS.  From the above description I would say the ISS is responsible as the Kurds were already at the table and the events do not support their position.

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2 Responses to Ankara Turkey Bombing

  1. Andrew says:

    Love reading your blog. No affiliation but I’ve just learnt that Chris McRae has written an updated, revised book called Geodetic Astrology for Relocation & Mundane published by Wessex in the UK and due for release early in 2016,

    • drlvanb says:

      Yes she told me she was finishing it. I too am looking forwards to reading it. The work I am presenting is intended to fill in many gaps in our understanding of Geodetics and its application to world events. I hope that more take the time to undertake the study. You do learn a lot.

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