Roseburg, a disaster waiting to happen

How do humans learn? It is our living thru the experiences of events that occur in our life and times that is the greatest teacher.   And often those that will teach us the most are the most painful.  Therefore, not to aggrandize the most recent tragedy of humanity in Roseburg but to learn from it, I will use that event to teach a valuable truth.

Roseburg events occurred at approximately 10 am on the morning of October 1, 2015 in Roseburg, Ore ( 123w, 43.25N: 27 Scorpio Midhaven, 2 Aquarius Ascendant).  Likely the events began before that but until the actual first shot it was isolated to one individual to play out.  At that point a society and world become actors in the play.  Could it have been predicted.  Yes! Emphatically yes! Here’s how.


1.On Aug 2, 2015 Saturn was stationary retrograde at the 28 Scorpio degree.  This reflects to 2 Aquarius.  Therefore from the above geographic locality data we see that Roseburg had Saturn on both its MidHaven and its Ascendant.  This is what I call a TCD (Total and Complete Destruction point) as this point is where there is a double dose of Saturn stationary energy waiting to be triggered.

2. Helpers: On Oct 1 Ceres is located in a span of 25 Cap back to 13 Scorpio so its energy was available for events. In past post I have noted that the presence of Ceres in events usually indicate tremendous impact.  Ceres has not failed here.  Due to the wide span a wide area of geography was susceptible to events from Saturn’s recent retrograde pattern.

3. Mars was at 4 Virgo, square the MH and IC of Roseburg. This adds that strong level of violence that only Mars can add.

Shooters chart:

I was able to locate data that puts the natal period as July 23- Aug 22, 1989.  I chose Aug 10 as a likely date due to the information below.

1. Moon: a strong tie to Roseburg via the natal Moon located on the MH of Roseburg and also by reflection to the Ascendant.

2. This is reinforced by a natal Ceres that is located on the MH and ASC as well.

3. Venus transiting was the ultimate trigger as it transited the his natal S. Node but Mars is not to be outdone.  Mars has returned to his natal Mars as well at 4 Virgo.

4.  The square of his natal Mars (4 Vir) to his natal Ceres (25 Sco) puts this as a violent triggering point in his chart.

Here is the chart:

Roseburg tragedyFor those who have studied the Spherical harmonics of Astrology please note the anger/violence of Mars attacking the Mothering Ceres thru a square in both the natal and the mundane chart.  This is what created the extreme violence of the act.  Interestingly Ceres also plays out in religious based events of this type.


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