It’s not over yet!!!

This year has seen some amazing adjustments in the market and they just keep coming…Are they over?  Not yet.

There are a few things playing out the least of which is the Neptune Uranus Conjunction I wrote about this year that was influencing Greece, China and the US.  We have a new event triggering the current chaos for the US and China.  Thankfully for the EU, the effects that really pressured Greece are letting up a bit but still not completely clear but unlike the US and China, the worst is over for a bit.  As for the US and China…this is not going to be a “flash” crash.  There will be continued pressure downwards on the relative markets and it will continue into the fall.

China is going to take the worst of it due to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the area for them…also we need to keep a close eye on the Korea’s….things are not done there although the recent trigger has moved off.

China is really suffering from the currency issues (Neptune) so until this configuration is clear of China…it will continue.

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